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Why Use Extreme Spray Tan Rather Than At Home Tanners?

Why Use Extreme Spray Tan Rather Than At Home Tanners

So we’ve covered some of the reasons why you should spray tan with Extreme Spray Tan, including the fact that it’s far better for your skin and that we offer a no orange guarantee, unlike, our competitors but why should you visit Extreme Spray Tan instead of use tan products at home?

At home tanning products can be affordable and some even claim to offer no streaking and no orange colour but application can be difficult. Application of at home tanners needs to be evenly applied which can be difficult at best, not to mention the mess you are left to clean up after application when you accidentally touch towels, clothes and more! At Extreme Spray Tan we do all the application and the clean up for you!

At home tanning products also leave you in a little bit of a predicament when it comes to getting those hard to reach places – have you ever tried to scratch the middle of your back? Now think about applying tanning product evenly to that very same spot! At Extreme Spray Tan you don’t have to worry about the application of tanner to even those difficult to reach places!

At home tanning products may seem more affordable than spray tanning but when you take in to consideration the questionable ingredients in some over the counter tanning products and the fact that they are not made to last (how else will they keep getting your money?) you will end up spending more money in the long run! Extreme Spray Tan offers multiple packages for spray tan clients, designed for both regular visitors and once in a while clients!

Lastly, tanning using Extreme Spray Tan rather than using an at home tanning product guarantees you that your tanning experience will be a pleasant one.

The tanning technicians at Extreme Spray Tan are all certified by the NTTI and know exactly what they are doing when it comes to the safety regulations of tanning. Avoid getting tanning products in your eyes, mouth and on your bathroom towels and drop in to the Largo Extreme Spray Tan Salon today!

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