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What You Need To Know About Solar Pacific Tanning Beds?

What You Need To Know About Solar Pacific Tanning Beds

You could get a great tan by going on a two month Caribbean vacation. Or, for the same amount of money, you just get a Solar Pacific tanning bed and tan whenever you want without having to worry about and in your teeth and crowded airports. Even if you decide not to buy a bed for yourself, you might decide on using a tanning salon. Chances are the brand of tanning beds your tanning salon uses are from Solar Pacific.

An American Company

One of the reasons Solar Pacific tanning beds are so popular in American homes, health clubs and tanning salons is that Solar Pacific is an American owned, American based company. There are not too many of them around anymore. Their headquarters is in Kent, Washington (the state above California, not the place where the President hangs out). They not only make Solar Pacific tanning beds, but are their own distributor as well.

What Professionals Use

Beauty and tanning parlours know that their customers tend to rely on their looks not only to feel good about themselves, but also to help them with many professional career images.

Real estate agents, salespeople, actors, models and even fitness instructors know that having a great tan helps make an incredible first impression on clients old and new. Because so much is riding on a tan, many parlours invest in Solar Pacific tanning beds for their customers.

Tanning beds used in professional beauty establishments get a constant heavy workout seven days a week for hours a day. Because of all the constant use, even the best of tanning bed parts will wear out. One of the reasons why Solar Pacific tanning beds are so popular is that it is easy to secure replacement parts for them. These replacement parts can often be easily purchased from online stores.

Customers also like the quick and safe results with Solar Pacific tanning beds. One model, the Solar Pacific VHO Power Booth, can get you decently tan in just ten minutes. This can also be used to save a tan from fading away or darken an already existing tan.

It uses 160 watt VHO (Very High Output) bulbs. The heat put out by these bulbs is incredibly intense, so don’t try to sneak in more tanning time than you are scheduled. You could really hurt yourself this way. It’s always good to be supervised when using a tanning bed.

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