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What To Wear To An Airbrush Session?

What To Wear To An Airbrush Session

One question that many of our first time airbrush tanning clients asks us is in regards to what they should wear to their first airbrush tanning session. While there are no rules on what you should and shouldn’t wear, we do have some recommendations based on how certain fabrics respond to airbrush tanning solution.

How To Dress For Your Airbrush Tanning Session

Whether you choose to tan in the nude or in your bathing suit or underwear, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when you head over to Extreme Spray Tan for your spray tanning appointment: – Women only may tan in the nude (currently we do not have staff to take nude male clients.)

– Any bikini, bathing suit or underwear that you wear to your airbrush tanning session will be affected by the tanning solution, generally this washes out.

– We recommend wearing flip flops or sandals to your spray tanning appointment.

– Male clients may tan in a thong bathing suit or speedo.

– Wear loose fitting clothing to your appointment to prevent excessive rubbing on the way home from your session.

– Avoid wearing white clothes or your favourite outfit as they could become stained.

– Avoid wearing silk, leather and nylon since these materials do not tend to wash clean after touching spray tanning solution.

Final Airbrush Outfit Thoughts

While, there are no rules that dictate what you should and should not wear, our experienced tanning technicians have put together these tips and tricks to ensure that you are most comfortable during your airbrush tanning experience and that you do not stain any clothing permanently. To arrange your next spray tanning appointment give us a call!

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