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What Is The Best Spray Tan Solution?

What Is The Best Spray Tan Solution

The natural-looking golden glow is attractive and is a confidence booster for many. Such beautiful results can only come from using the best spray tan solution. It’s a known fact that spray tan stylists strive for superior results by using a tanning solution that performs perfectly every time. If you are new to the tanning business or even if you are a master stylist, you will always want the best outcome for each of your clients.

Many factors come together to create a beautiful tan. Experts will tell you that choosing the right solution and considering the right percentage of DHA used on each individual are of utmost importance. If you use the wrong percentage of DHA or simply have a poor quality tanning solution, your clients could end up splotchy with an orange appearance.

One company that has been ‘doing it right’ for many years is Spray Tan LA. Their clients include actors and actresses, modelling companies, Playboy models, beauty pageant contestants, fitness competition competitors as well as various radio and television personalities. These are all examples of professionals whose careers depend on looking their very best. Spray Tan LA knows that anything less than a flawless appearance could cause serious problems for these professionals. It is why Spray Tan LA has a reputation for providing the best spray tan solutions.

With all that being said, what do business savvy spray tan stylists use? What should you be using? The short answer is: Use an eco-friendly tanning solution that delivers extraordinary results. The more detailed answer involves your commitment to an eco-friendly business philosophy.

Specifically, you want to apply longer lasting, realistic colour while catering to clients who embrace green living or who may have sensitive skin. Your spray tan solution should also be friendly to vegans and not tested on animals. Look for 100% plant certified organic solutions that do not contain parabens. Parabens are still being researched and could be connected to cancer. Some clients may even be allergic to parabens.

The Spray Tan LA Tan Solutions are 100% plant certified and organic. Their spray tan solution is also paraben free and is never tested on animals. Further, when you order spray tan solution from Spray Tan LA, it is fresh and made to order with your specifications.

Choose from four different DHA percentages (9%, 9.5%, 10% and 10.5%). Having several different levels of DHA allows you to cater to all different skin tones. Spray Tan LA guarantees a flawless look. Additionally, the solutions at Spray Tan LA come in Coconut Paradise and Caramel scents. Choose from three different sizes: 1 litre, 1 gallon or 5 gallons. Access to so many choices insures that you can customize your order to your unique business needs.

In addition to the best spray tan solution, you can purchase everything you need for a successful spray tan business as well as other 100% plant organic products at the Spray Tan LA website.

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