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What Is A Tanning Lotion Bronzer?

What Is A Tanning Lotion Bronzer

A bronzer can be defined as a type of cosmetic product that helps or alters the skins tone so that it gives it a temporary shade of bronze that resembles a suntan. So, we can define a tanning lotion bronzer as an item that helps to darken or make the skin look bronze so that it helps to show off someone’s tan.

These are a popular choice of persons in the tanning variety who wants to have a nice dark toned skin colour, this product will make the skin appear darker and will work with existing tan to make it more pronounced. Like any other product there are multiple types of bronzers and all have different means of production, make up and agent or reagents but all are safe to use and will darken the skin tone.

Since, we understand the basic concept of a bronzer or a bronze mechanism let us look on this in a whole new eye.

Different types of bronzers – Bronzers are known different by there make up as some will use a chemical known as dihydroxyacetone while others use pigments (these are natural). The dihydroxyacetone works by starting a chemical reaction with the dead skin cells located on the top of the skin and the skin cells will turn brown or to a brownish shade. The pigments work by actually dyeing the skin (just making it look darker). Both are deemed safe to use by various health organizations.

Risks – There are no great risks or severe health risks other than allergic reactions when you use this product but much like any other tanning oil the major risk is the application.

Unlike other form of tanning solutions this has a darkening agent already installed in it so that means that the tan you will get from this product will be of a very dark tone, now darker means more pronounced which in turns mean care, for if you poorly add or get a poorly looking tan you will greatly damage the out coming tan, with sloppy tan line and uneven colouring.

Benefits to bronzer tanning lotions – Well, the main benefit that you will get from this product is a darker tan (which is what everyone completely wants). Since the bronzer actually requires no direct contact with the sun it will greatly diminish your chances of getting any of the diseases or complications related to tanning.

Also most bronzers comes with SPF (sun protection factor this is how much protection you get times what the sun can normally do to you), but these SPF are normally lower and don’t really protect you that well.

As you can see bronzer tanning solution or tanning oils are a great choice because of their great benefits and very little risks, not only that they give the user exactly what they want and that is a great tan in a very short amount of time. It can even darker already existing tans and with no reason to take direct impact from UV rays the user will be safe from all forms a danger.


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