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Tanning Cream

Tanning Cream

Tanning has become a common practice for many people. They would often flock to the beach whenever they feel like their skin has lost its natural glow. Many companies have noticed the high demand for tanning thus they created special products to market to these people. It is now common to see a tanning cream being sold in various stores around the world.

A tanning cream works by mimicking the tan effect received by those that stay out in the open for long periods. A tanning cream can be easily applied. Users simply need to rub it on the area they wish to get a tanned effect and they will get results in a short while.

How tanning cream is applied

It is very difficult for some people to reach certain body spots where they can put on a tanning cream, so they go for various methods to put tanning cream on those “hard to reach” areas. The best way to place a tanning cream is with the help of a partner. These people would be able to spread tanning cream on the area which the person may not be able to reach alone.

During instances when a person travels solo, tanning cream can be applied using special products. Scrubbers are available from various stores so people can put tanning cream on their backs. However, many people do not like using scrubbers thus they would rather not put tanning cream on their bodies.

There are people who tan in the nude. They put tanning cream in almost all areas of their body. Some places around the world allow topless tanning. Those who are not comfortable with topless tanning can wear swimsuits that cover sensitive parts of the body. The tanning cream can be placed before the user wears these clothing items. The person would get the same effect with topless tanning although there will be distinct areas which would have swimsuit marks.

Buying tips for tanning cream

Tanning cream is available in different containers. There are squeezable bottles that let the user get tanning cream easily. Some containers need to be turned upside-down to get the tanning cream into the hand. However, the container of the tanning cream is not that important. Users should always base their decisions on the effectiveness of the tanning cream. These skincare products are found in drug stores, cosmetics bars and health and beauty shops.

The Importance of Using Tanning Bed Lotion Creams

With more and more people striving to maintain that summery-bronzed glow that comes with tanning, tanning beds usage is becoming increasingly popular, and this has led to the development of several brands and types of tanning bed lotion creams. The most common ingredient found in these tanning bed lotion creams is tyrosine, which is an amino acid responsible for stimulating the body to produce melanin. Melanin is what gives pigment to the skin.

There are several other essential ingredients that go into making a quality tanning bed lotion cream. Many manufacturers will also include vitamin E in their product because vitamin E has antioxidant properties that are known to reduce the formation of wrinkles and fine lines, and, when you combine tyrosine and vitamin E, you have the ultimate defence against the formation of these skin-damaging traits.

Also, many of these tanning lotion creams will contain copper. Copper is added to assist the tanner who may already have scars and small blemishes. It will not remove these flaws, but it will help reduce the severity and harshness of them.

The main property of tanning lotions is moisturizers. It is important to use a liberal amount of lotion across the total surface of skin, and this will help achieve an even and uniform tan. Moisturizers also shield and protect the skin from drying out too much and becoming chapped.

Another important function of moisturizers in tanning lotion creams is to form a shield against the effects of ultraviolet rays that are emitted by tanning beds. Some manufacturers also include natural ingredients such as aloe Vera or hempseed oil, which are good for the skin and will help keep the skin soft and supple.

Tanning bed lotions and creams are produced to correlate with the different types of skin people have. So, it becomes important to choose the proper tanning product that will give the fullest benefits. You should also keep in mind the extent of the tan you are striving to achieve, as there are some tanning lotions that work to accelerate the tanning process, while others are moisturizer specific. There are even tanning lotions that offer increased protection against ultraviolet rays.

Some tanning bed lotion manufacturers have become creative to the point of adding delicious scents to their product. Some of the popular scented creams are chocolate, key lime pie and cappuccino. However, you need to remember that no matter which type of tanning lotion or cream that you choose, apply them liberally to the skin before you tan.

Sunscreen cream

Sunscreen cream is a truly efficient formula accompanying a natural tanning procedure so as to keep away sunburns and long-term side effects. In essence, the fundamental role of any sunscreen cream is to provide sufficient protection from UV rays’ dangers. This safety measure has become mandatory since skin cancer incidence has reached alarming quota. Moreover, sunscreen cream might come in various categories depending on the skin’s pigment because melanin has a crucial role in the colouring process we generally call tanning.

In short, melanin sets in motion the natural tanning process when this pigment is naturally or artificially stimulated. Furthermore, melanin has a protective role, meaning that melanin makes skin stronger when facing the UV dangers. But what happens with pale skin when exposed to sunlight? Given the fact that pale skin lacks melanin and implicitly is prone to various skin conditions, the application of the adequate sunscreen cream might help us preserve unaltered out dermal health.

We all are under the impression that sunscreen cream has a short-term role since it keeps us away from painful blisters that generally appear after uncontrolled and unprotected sunbathing. Actually, such painful episodes have long term consequences and very often irreversible, and the most relevant example is definitely skin cancer diagnosis.

So, if we are fascinated by sunbathing and you can’t wait for the summer to get started, you are advised to apply regularly sunscreen cream so that you will not be the main character in the scenario described above.

Sunscreen cream is a cost-effective option leading us to admirable results without blisters or rashes. But, in the mean time, it has the capacity to protect our life from the threatening beauty alternatives. It is no secret that every single cream has an SPF with a certain value. Higher values indicate that sunscreen cream ensures considerable protection. It is strongly recommended that the SPF and implicitly the sunscreen cream should be chosen by a dermatologist as he or she is authorized to identify potential risks and provide the best options to combat such risks.

So, medical expertise can be the key to risk-free tanning solutions. Besides skin cancer risks, although your metabolism succeed in fighting this menace, there are few side effects that are differently diagnosed. Therefore, long-term sunbathing affects negatively the collagen, destroying irremediably the collagen. As melanin is responsible for pigmentation, the same way, collagen is responsible for elasticity and a young and firm skin tone. Once you have deteriorated the collagen, then your skin is prone to fast and early aging process. This way, a method that should make you look better might work reversely.

At first, any sunscreen cream was only meant to provide adequate protection, yet, along with cosmetics suppliers’ tendency to launch enriched formulas, sunscreen creams have been significantly improved so as to increase skin texture’s resistance to external factors. And the second role of a sunscreen cream is undoubtedly the anti-aging effect. So, keep in mind one rule, no sunbathing without sunscreen.

Self Tanning Cream

Self tanning cream is in great demand and there are plenty of products to choose from. As with tanning lotions, the function of self tanning cream is exactly the same. There are two categories:

1. Self tanning creams containing sunscreen

2. Creams which speed up the tanning process at the skin level containing no sunscreen

In the second case, extra care is needed to block the UV rays. It might be confusing, but the choice depends on the purpose of the consumer: self tanning and protecting against UVA radiation or just getting a beautiful bronze colour.

A self tanning cream works by colouring the skin; the active ingredient is DHA. Self tanning creams are easy to apply and the problem areas such as elbows, knees, wrists, lines are easy to cover.

Even those worried that tanning might extend wrinkles have to admit that a self tanning cream has its efficiency and protection as well.

Available in dark, medium and light, self tanning creams are very popular among the addicted to tan. The most delicate tanning creams are quickly absorbed into the layer of dead skin cells while turning into brown colour.

People are now comfortable with all the formulas assuring of: self adjusting colour, natural-tan looking, sun-free tan, controlling the shade of the tan, harmonizing to skin type, non-greasy, non-streaky and, besides, E vitamin enriched for a healthier skin. It might be necessary to reapply every 2 or 3 hours for achieving the desired bronzed colour. To refresh the self tan, the users are told to apply every day or two.

There are few self tanning creams containing some harmful compounds and the label should warn the consumers about their side effects.

Sunless Tanning Creams Versus Sunless Tanning Lotions

Sunless tanning creams are also tanning formulas just slightly different from classic sunless tanning lotions. Thus, self-tanners class includes simultaneously sunless tanning creams and lotions. Since lotions and cream share the same tanning effect, it is commonly understood that the dosage of DHA is the same, yet differences emerge when we compare other components manufacturers include during the production process. As you probably know, the consistency in texture we encounter at all sunless tanning creams is obtained through various mixtures of natural and chemical ingredients.

This version has been developed and launched because many prospective customers prefer creams instead of lotions. It is also for this reason that we always find the same skin-care or body care formula available for purchase as lotions and as creams. Lotions are rather liquid whereas creams are characterized by a thicker composition.

So, if you have ever wondered what the difference between sunless tanning creams and sunless tanning lotions is, now you know, it’s just a difference of texture. Both variants are available on the market in view of the fact that, the same tanning line serves a wider range of demands. Moreover, it has been proven that clients are responsive to diversity as they constantly assess positively wider offers. This positive perception could be explained by the fact that prospective customers feel very much at ease when their options are not limited or restricted by various factors.

This idea of exploring the benefits of creams and the benefits of lotions has brought forth many advantages if we take a closer look to sales figures. As you can imagine, this initiative has been implemented first by notorious cosmetic companies that afford such market tests. And when this assumption that both versions are purchased has become certainty, it goes without saying that more and more suppliers extended the initial production lines with large-scale sunless tanning creams production.

In essence, we may state that sunless tanning lotions dominate the cosmetics market as all online advertisements, TV commercials and reviews focus constantly on advantages and disadvantages of lotions, whereas sunless tanning creams are not brought into questions.

Since sunless tanning creams and tanning lotions have the same effect, the application method is pretty much the same even though the absorption differs due to a different texture. Given this similarities, the ritual before applying sunless tanning creams is identical as in the case of lotions. Thus, before starting the tanning procedure, we need to make sure that our skin is sufficiently moisturized and exfoliated as dry skin affects considerably the quality of the tan. Thus, if we ignore such issues we have great chance to reach a stained tan and then we are more than sure that sunless tanning creams are based on deficient formulas. In fact, we are to blame because as we have not paid enough attention to supplier’s instructions.

All in all, sunless tanning creams are reliable tanning solutions; therefore, if you love this tanning method, and you haven’t tested yet sunless tanning creams, you should at least try it because you might be surprised by its efficiency.

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