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Numerous people have tried self tanning lotions and creams in the past and most of them report that the outcomes were less than satisfactory. From terrible streaking to a horrid orange coloration that looked far from natural, do it yourself items have rarely lived up to the claims they make on their packaging.

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Very few individuals have discovered success with these items, and as such have turned back to artificial sunlight and baking in the sun to obtain a darker tan.

The negatives of utilizing a do it yourself tanning product are obvious. Within minutes, you may see streaks, super pigmented areas and an unnatural hue produced by the lotion.

A positive point to note is that you will lose the artificial coloration with additional showering and utilizing sugar scrubs or body loofahs or other exfoliating items.

On the other hand, the negatives of basking in the sun and going to tanning bed sessions aren’t so obvious. These techniques rob the body of its moisture, and even more can age the skin faster than normal- not to mention the fact that they can cause skin cancer. The results of artificial and organic sunlight do not usually show until it’s too late to correct them.

But if you still want to have that beautiful, healthy bronze glow to your skin, what should you do? Do it yourself tanning lotions and creams have come a long way recently, and today’s greatest sunless tanning items and techniques are a lot a lot more advanced and supply a lot much better outcomes than their predecessors.

You will find self tanning items that you can purchase in department stores which give a flawless and organic glow. You can also go to salons and spas that employ professionals to apply airbrush tanning formulas.

Regardless of whether the greatest tanning items are in self application form or need to be applied by a professional is totally as much as the individual searching to use them.

Some individuals aren’t comfortable with the idea of a stranger seeing them practically nude, so the greatest sunless tanning items in their opinion are naturally the ones which they are able to use within the privacy of their personal house.

Other individuals do not like to be bothered with having to apply something and trust that a trained individual will do a much better job. As such, the greatest sunless tanning is something they do not need to fuss with on their own.

No matter what you believe to be the greatest sunless tanning technique, the great point to note is that today’s items are a lot better than what previously graced the shelves.

The current sunless tanning product line-ups on the market won’t produce an unnatural appearance and will last. You can avoid facing major bad side effects and damaging your skin by sticking to topical items as compared to artificial or natural sunlight.

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