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General Information On Spray Tanners

Spray tanners are one of the chosen alternatives, by the people who are concerned with the long term effects of tanning using the natural sun light. Spray tanners are just one of the many sunless tanning products available on the market today. If you take a look in the past, you will see that sunless tanning products had a very rough start.

A lot of products didn`t have the chemical and natural formula, that could provide you with darken or golden tan effect. A lot of people that wanted to get tanned where looking for that specific dark tone or golden divine tan however the sunless tanning products, that we had available, about ten years ago, made our skin look light an irradiated orange.

Nowadays, spray tanners have come a long way since they first appeared on the market. Now, they have the perfect combination of chemical and natural ingredients that can help you get the tan you desire so much. You want that dark tone or perhaps you simply love the golden divine look, you will be able to find spray tanners that are up to the task.

There a few aspects that you should keep in mind, if you decide to undertake the ways of the spray tanners. Like any new venture, you will need to have a little patience and be prepared to spend some extra bucks if you really want to use some high quality spray tanners. First you should read the label to see what the exact ingredients are, make sure you are not allergic to one of them.

If you take the time to browse the Internet for about half a hour, you will be able to find a dealership that sells spray tanners, and they can even offer you a free sample package, with you having to pay only for the shipment fee. This is a very good decision, because this enables you to test, which spray tanners, are more suited for your skin tone and skin type. This is also a good way to see if you will not have any adverse reaction from using some spray tanners.

Here a few tips on how you can test spray tanners. After you have acquired some spray tanners samples. Try to test them, not all that the same time, but two or three in the same time. You can do that by spraying them on small patches of skin, usually on the back of your thighs. Don`t spray them all on the same patch of skin. After you have done that wait between 15 to 30 minutes for the spray tanners to be absorbed by your skin and in a couple of hours, between two to five hours (depending on the spray tanners), you will see how your skin react, how did it colour your skin and so on and so forth.

A last word of advice

In the world of spray tanners, the price is very important, because the more expensive a product is, the higher concentration of natural ingredients will be. Natural ingredients are far better than chemical compounds in the process of sunless tanning.

Spray Tanning

People from all over the world have chosen to replace natural sun tan with spray tanning, especially that you can benefit from a great honey-like skin no matter the season. It is both nice and cheerful to look in the mirror and see a beautiful tan when the temperature outside is below freezing point.

Is there an advantage of spray tanning over regular indoor tanning? The problem with tanning services is that they are not 100% risk free since they still imply exposure to UVA and UVB. The ultraviolet radiation could be one of the most dangerous, since even in the most modern of tanning gear the hazard of developing skin cancer remains pretty high.

Spray tanning solutions are available from a lot of manufacturers specialized in this market sector. Most items usually mention “easy to apply evenly” but if the quality is doubtful, there could be inconveniences to the use of spray tanning.

Nevertheless, speaking in ideal terms, spray tanning enables the user to reach spots that are much more difficult to rub with a skin lotion: this is the case of the shoulder blades for instance or the lower back areas. Moreover, the chance of getting tan lines and colour streaks is reduced with spray tanning as compared with other products.

Then, there is a lot less “hands on” application required in spray tanning particularly since the bronzer substances in the chemical blend of the tanner is very difficult to wash off the hands. Then, spray tanning solutions have a better drying rate than gels, foams and lotions which means that you can put on your clothes immediately after applying the sunless tanning product. One highly new idea is represented by the use of “airbrushing” booths that spray tanning substances neatly on the entire body. This kind of service is usually available in very prestigious treatment salons.

The disadvantage of “airbrush” spray tanning is that cleaning after the spray application could be pretty challenging: fingernails for instance are the worst to clean if you do not wear something protective during the self-tanning process. The effect of spray tanning usually stays on the skin for about up to a week particularly if the skin is moist when you apply the tanner. This means that if the skin undergoes a preparation process before spray tanning then the tan will be more rewarding and longer lasting. Enjoy it!

The Reasons Why You Should Consider A Spray Tan

Spray tanning is becoming a widely known and accepted method of obtaining a sun-kissed and glowing skin without necessarily staying in the sun to obtain a tan. If you are the kind of person that loves a glowing and elegant skin, you can’t but go for a spray tan for the following reasons.

No.1: Safety

Spray tan is considered to be the safest means of obtaining a tan in recent time. According to skin cancer foundation, about 90% of skin cancer is caused by exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Apart from that, there is also the likelihood of having a sun burn skin. Spray tanning is safe without all these problems because most of the tanning solutions used is from organic sources.

No.2: Busy schedules

If you are the type of person that is always very busy at work and at home and doesn’t seem to have enough time for skin beauty therapies, then spray tan is for you. Unlike sun bathing, spray tan does not take time to achieve. You can have it done for you under 20 minutes.

You can even opt for home service. There are spray tan experts that provide mobile spray tan services for busy people in their homes or any designated places. With spray tan, you don’t have to lie in the sun for hours anymore. You can achieve a golden brown look in a matter of minutes.

No.3: Convenience

Unlike sun bathing that is only possible when the sun is shining, spray tan can be obtained anytime of the year. You don’t have to wait for the sun to obtain a golden skin, you can have it anytime you so desire. All you need is to consult a spray tan technician and fix an appointment for a total, complete and even tan either for your normal outing or special events such as parties, wedding, prom, girl’s night out, bachelorette etc.

With these reasons, it is clear that spray tan is the best skin beauty therapy you can ever have. It makes your skin looks natural, doesn’t take time to obtain and can be obtained any time you so desire. What a great way to look good!

The True Nature Of Sun Tan Spray

The sun tan spray is one of the leading products on the market of sunless tanning products. As you probably know by now, the sunless tanning products were first introduced on the market back in the `80 however, like every new product it has its own issues. Most of the issues that people confronted when they used a sun tan spray were the fact that the formula was not developed enough, and they ended having a dreadful orange tan, instead of the desired golden divine or dark tan.

The true nature of sun tan spray, is the fact that it`s one of best sunless tanning products that you can use if you are a sun fan, especially if you are worried about the long countless hours you had to spend baking in the sun or perhaps you are trying to protect your skin from the long term side effects of UV light exposure.

Living in a world where a lot of people, especially teenagers, want to look as good as possible, it doesn`t take a rocket a scientist to figure out the fact, that we are being led by fashion statements. Using a sun tan spray to get that desired even tan, will help you look better in comparison to the people who have a pale complexion. This is a very good jump start that can help you boost your self confidence and attract the looks of friends, family and even of your partner.

There a couple of things that I want to tell you, in order for you to have a better understanding of the sun tan spray, and after that I will let you be the judge, if you will decide to use one or not.

So for that respect, let me begin by saying that the sun tan spray is a sunless tanning product that contains DHA, which is a chemical compound that colours your skin. Depending on which brand of sun tan spray you purchase, the results may vary.

Always make sure you know your exact skin tone and type before purchasing a sun tan spray. Reading the label can help you a lot, especially if your skin is allergic to certain ingredients. Always read the instruction manual and the manufacturer’s recommendation, because they will help you a lot in your quest for a nice and healthy tan.

A couple words of advice from my behalf would be the following. If you have the extra money, don`t be afraid to spend them an expensive sun tan spray, because the more expensive the sun tan spray is, the better the results will be. Always exfoliate prior to the sun tan spray application, because it will improve the evenness of your tan. Don`t forget to use a moisturizer after exfoliation to trigger the regeneration of your skin. This will help you to have a warm glow to your desired tan.

If you still are not sure about how much information you have in regards to the sun tan spray, my suggestion to you is to go to dermatologist and ask for his opinion, if it is a safe product to be used by you, and if he has any recommendation.

About Home Spray Tanning

As you guess the comparison is unfair to begin with but it is essential that one knows the positives and negatives of home spray tanning as well as spray tanning in salons. The biggest difference that comes to mind is that when you are in a tanning salon being sprayed it is usually a professional tanner that is applying the tanning mist on your body. They can pretty much see and reach any part of your body. Those difficult to reach angles are no problem whatsoever. Administering the tanning spray at home is another matter altogether because tanning many parts of your body will be arduous.

Professional spray tanning does come at a price and sometimes it can be a pricey price tag. You’ll see models and celebrities with perfect tans and those are courtesy of professional spray tanners that charge a couple of hundred dollars per session. Of course, there is in between I simply wanted to illustrate the higher end price scale so you’ll have an idea of what the premium cost is. Spray tanning salons charges vary from salon to salon and city to city. The average could be anywhere from $40-$80 for one session. Some salons offer deals where you receive a discount by purchasing several sessions in advance.

When we say home spray tanning, this usually involves spraying tanning systems that cost anywhere from $150 to several thousand dollars. The equipment usually includes an airbrush and replenish-able tanning mist. Some of these systems are so expensive and sophisticated that they require routine maintenance. Home spray tanning systems as you probably guessed by now are quite an investment and certainly don’t guarantee a perfect tan.

Careful research is mandatory before making any purchase and it is also worth reading into the fine print. Some manufactures omit return policy details, so it is best to ask every question on your mind before taking out the check book. Read the reviews, try the product out first without buying and after doing that read more reviews and try the product out some more. Many people actually inquire about home spray tanning systems because of privacy issues as they feel uncomfortable going into tanning salons. If that’s the case then working on that issue should precede any purchase.

The Airbrush Spray Tanning Modern Technique

Airbrush spray tanning is a modern cosmetic technique, which can add our skin a natural tan and an irresistible glow. This procedure is relatively new and has been developed as a healthy alternative to harmful tanning methods. Initially, the natural tan was reached to regular exposure to sunlight; yet, dermatologists noticed the sun rays are extremely dangerous due to UV rays. Even if experts stressed out permanently the significant probability of suffering from severe skin diseases that eventually would lead to skin cancer, the temptation of having a nicely tanned skin was much stronger.

The first alternative to sunlight exposure was solarium. This technique was based on a gradually increasing exposure to UV rays. Even though, at the very beginning, a solarium was an interesting option simply because the tanning period was shorter and the effect was similar to natural tan. This time too, dermatologists signalled the side effects of solarium tan even if we all believed that any sort of sunless tan was the key to a healthy glowing skin. Lotions that were supposed to protect us against UV as, had a certain effect, but they cannot reduce risks completely.

Later, cosmetics industry has found a brand new formula called airbrush spray tanning. This method has been introduced first in cosmetic salons and has been performed by professionals only. Very soon, airbrush spray tanning has become very popular due to the fact that it was a very simple tanning procedure, and not expensive.

It is worth pointing out that airbrush tanning has a low durability as the tan fades in 5 to 10 days. Upon this period, you can refresh the tan as before. Airbrush spray tanning works extremely easy, this method has been borrowed from dying procedures because the spreading is done evenly.

Airbrush spray tanning may be applied as long as the skin is healthy (scratches or allergies can be affected severely by the components in the lotion). Moreover, it is highly recommended to apply a peeling lotion before airbrush spray tanning so that the adherence will be perfect.

Dry skin must be nurtured before spraying and any trace of make-up should be carefully removed. Of course, this is not an easy thing to do, because the tan fades too fast and refreshing constantly might become expensive. Nevertheless, airbrush spray tanning is perfect for special events during cold seasons when you can’t go to the beach.

Although many call airbrush spray tanning a fake tanning method, individuals who are willing to avoid skin cancer risks just love the idea. However, we must emphasize the fact that airbrush spray tanning did not remain a professional tanning method. Once the interest has been noticed, cosmetics industry has started to explore this opportunity and has released a selling line for home.

Some clients think that airbrush spray tanning is tricky and the results are not as perfect as the tan in TV commercials. The issue is definitely an uneven tan, for that very reason, other prospective customers give up airbrush spray and return to traditional, and natural sun tanning.

How Beneficial Spray On Tanning Is?

The increasing number of people that get skin cancer as a result of long term exposure to the sun, is an alarm to the people who love having their skin tanned (instead of their pale complexion). In 2009 there were reported 69,000 cases of skin cancer, due to long term exposure to the sun. If you come to think of how many people would not have skin cancer, if they simply used spray on tanning, you would simply be amazed.

Spray on tanning, has its own bad history, with the dreadful orange tan, or the dark black look alike. People don`t realize that spray on tanning has come a long way in the past two decades. With the technology that is available nowadays, spray on tanning manufacturers is able to provide you with products that are both able to provide you with the desired colour that you want, and in the meantime they are healthy to use on your skin. Tests show that spray on tanning doesn`t have any side effects after long term usage.

If you are looking to undertake the spray on tanning method, here are some things that you should keep. First you must find out what is your exact skin type and tone, by doing this you can make sure that you will know what kind of spray on tanning product to use, and what will be the desired effect.

Second thing you must remember, is to verify what chemicals or natural ingredients, that are in the spray on tanning product formula, are hazardous to your skin. It`s a known fact that some people are allergic to some of the chemical or natural ingredients however you should not worry about that, because there will be always other spray on tanning products that will not contain that specific ingredient or ingredients.

Decide how you will apply the spray on tanning product. If you choose to go to a tanning spray salon, be prepared to pull out $30 dollars from your wallet, for a spray on tanning booth session. This session will only take about one or two minutes. It`s not really cheap, but it saves you a lot of time.

In the case you truly want professional help; you would have to pay an average of $80 dollars for a spray on tanning technician to air-brush your entire body with different kind of self tanning products. I could say it`s worth the money however not on a weekly basis.

If you don`t want to spend either too much time or too much money on spray on tanning, my advice to your is to purchase a spray on tanning product that you know it will suit your skin and your skin tone, and you can apply it yourself in the comfort of your own home.

How Long Does a Spray Tan Last?

So, how long does a spray tan last? It depends on how often you tan. If you can tan frequently then the life of your tan is going to be longer. When people ask me how long does a spray tan last I always tell them the life of your tan is dependent on the salon and mainly on you. Below are some tips to help you make your tan last longer and if you follow these instructions, at the end I will tell you how long you can expect your tan to last.

How to Maximize the Life of a Spray Tan?

The life of the tan is really dependent on your contact with outside substances. Sweat and water is your enemy! If you can avoid the gym then your spray tan will last longer. You should avoid Jacuzzis, hot tubs, along with chlorine because these are going to make your tan fade faster.

Water is your biggest enemy with your tan. Once you get in the shower it will begin to come off. Obviously this is the nature of the beast and you can’t avoid showering. You should try to wait at least 8 hours before you shower (best to wait overnight), and your first shower should only be water with no soap or scrubbing. When you do shower you will notice colour coming off. This is normal and you will still see good results if you go to a good salon. Make sure you pat dry as well.

The life of your tan will be longer if you wear loose fitting clothing after your appointment while the solution is still working. Tight clothing will cause the solution to come off quickly. Leave the skinny jeans at home! After that first shower you can begin to wear your normal clothing.

How Soon Should You Tan?

When you are thinking about the life span of your tan, you should also take into consideration if you are getting a tan for an event. It is recommended that you make your tanning appointment as close to the date of your event or trip. The tan is going to look the best at the beginning stages. If you get your tan a week or more before your wedding, photo shoot, or vacation then by the time your event comes around your tan will not be optimal.

So, how long does a spray tan last? You should check with your local salons and read reviews from those that have been to those salons. Every salon is different and uses a different solution, so the life of the tan will vary. According to Bake Spray Tan, their tans last from 7-10 days, and Future Tan says their tan lasts about 5-7 days.

10 Ways to Get a Great Spray Tan

When it comes to getting a great spray tan, most people think that the majority of the result depends upon the spray tanning technician that you have applying your tan and while this is true to an extent there are also other factors that play on the quality of your spray tanning experience!

1. Always Shower and Exfoliate Before Your Appointment

Showering and exfoliating will help to cleanse your skin as well as remove any dry dead skin that may cause colour differences in your spray tan once it is applied.

2. Don’t Apply Lotion Before Your Spray Tanning Appointment

While it is important to keep your skin nourished, applying lotion before your spray tanning appointment will affect how well the tanning solution sticks to your skin and it could also cause an interaction between the solution and your lotion ingredients.

3. Listen To Your Spray Tan Technician

Here at Extreme Spray Tan our spray tanning technicians are all professionally trained and certified so when they tell you something they know what they are talking about. Always be sure to listen to your technician and follow any instructions that they give you during the tanning process.

4. Decide Beforehand

Decide beforehand whether you want to get your face spray tanned or not, this is completely up to you but it is important that you let your spray tan technician know ahead of time whether you want to get this done.

5. Don’t Run Out To Play Ball

After you get your spray tan you should avoid any activity that can induce excessive sweating for at least a couple of hours since the solution will continue to sit on your skin and soak in for the hours following your appointment and sweating can streak your tan.

6. Don’t Soak In The Tub

As relaxing as a nice long soak in the tub might sound it’s actually not a healthy practice for your new spray tan. The longer you soak the lighter your tan will become so you should limit soaking in the tub while you have a spray tan.

7. Apply An After Tan Moisturizer

After you have taken your initial shower at least six hours after your spray tanning session make sure to apply an after tan moisturizer as this will help to maintain your airbrush tan for a longer period of time.

8. Limit Shaving

Sure, this one may not please the ladies, but you should be aware that the more you shave the more of your skin you are exfoliating so your spray tan will last a shorter period of time.

9. Avoid That Swiss Chalet

For the same reasons that bathing in a tub is bad for your skin, so too are hot tubs so if you are planning on spending the weekend in the hot tub it’s probably best not to get a spray tan beforehand.

10. Use Tanning Beds

Assuming that your reason for spray tanning is not to avoid the tanning beds, utilizing tanning beds is a great way to prolong the life of your spray tan!

If you ever have any questions about the spray tanning process or things you should and shouldn’t do with your new spray tan doesn’t hesitate to call one of our spray tan technicians at our salon and ask them!

Spray Tan And Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

One of the big questions that are coming up in our world today is whether or not you should tan while pregnant. The obvious answer is no! Being exposed to the sun is harmful to you because it puts you at risk for cancer, and you should not put your health or the health of your baby at risk. The dangers of tanning outside and in a tanning bed have been widely reported, but what about spray tan and pregnancy? Is there a risk to the health of your baby if you were to get a spray tan?

It is hard not to want to darken your skin during pregnancy especially when you are feeling more pasty than normal! Even though you may feel this way during your pregnancy, the fact remains that you must take an honest look at spray tanning and pregnancy.

If you are wanting to see if something is healthy or not you always look at the ingredients. Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is the active chemical used in spray on tans and it is what makes your skin become tanned. Currently, the verdict is still out for DHA. As of now, the US Food and Drug Administration has not approved the safety of DHA because it has been reported that DHA could have adverse affects on the body.

The FDA has approved DHA for external use, but has not approved it for use in a “misting” situation. The FDA has also not approved DHA in a situation where it can be inhaled or ingested. Unfortunately, if you are spray tanning then there isn’t a way to completely protect yourself from inhaling DHA. The FDA does not say why you should not inhale, but it may be wise to adhere.

Even though the FDA has not approved the use of DHA for sunless tanning this does not mean that it is ultimately unsafe for this use. As stated above, it is not certain if the chemical that caused the problem was DHA or an allergic reaction. Time will tell whether or not spray tanning with DHA is unsafe for use or not.

In regards to spray tan and pregnancy, I think it is wise to err on the side of caution. If you spray tan while you are pregnant then the baby will come in contact with DHA because you will inhale the chemical. If there is potential for harm from ingesting or inhaling DHA, then spray tan and pregnancy is a no brainer because it could obviously have adverse affects to the health of your baby. I know you would never let your children purposefully come in contact with poison, so you may need to think about whether or not you really need that tan the next time you go to the salon.

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