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Sunless Self Tanner The Way To Pure Awesomeness

Sunless self tanner is the key to the future of tanning. Living in a world where time is of the essence, when people don`t have time to go to the beach to sunbathe for countless hours, more and more people turn to more cost effective solutions, such as the sunless self tanner. If in the case, time is not an issue, I`m sure those people who use sunless self tanner, are concerned with the health issues that come along after long term exposure to the natural sun light or UV light(such as skin pigmentation, skin mutation or skin cancer).

The sunless self tanner has come a long way since it was released on the market, about three decades ago. Everybody knows that the first sunless self tanner would colour your skin in a dreadful orange.

Nowadays, that is not an issue anymore, because sunless self tanner manufacturers have the necessary technology from preventing that to happen, if you use one of their products. You must understand the fact that the sunless self tanner uses a formula between natural ingredients and chemical pounds that contains a certain percentage of DHA, in order for the sunless self tanner to colour your skin. In other words, you don`t get a tan, you get a fake tan.

If you are looking to commit to the sunless self tanner cause, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind, in order for you to make a wise and educated decision on this matter.

Before you go buying a sunless self tanner, you must know what is your exact skin tone and type, in order for you to choose the suited product that is compatible if your skin. Choosing the wrong sunless self tanner, may be dangerous for your skin (you might get a rash). Also make sure you are not allergic to one of the ingredients in the formula of the sunless self tanner.

A small piece of advice, in the world of sunless self tanner, experimenting is the key to success. What I`m saying is, that you should first try to get your hands on as many free samples as possible, and see which one works the best for your skin. You can test the free samples on small patches of skin and see whether your skin react that specific sunless self tanner brand. After you found out which sunless self tanner works best for you, then it would be advised to make a purchase.

Do remember the fact that exfoliation plays a key part in tanning. Exfoliate as best as possible, if you want to improve the evenness of your tan. Do remember, not to use any skin care products, prior to the sunless self tanner application, because you might get a very ugly and uneven tan.

How To Choose The Best Self Tanning Lotion

Bronzing your body with sunless tanners is regarded as a safe and practical option that can protect against harmful UV exposure. There are many solutions that can be purchased to help transform your look into a sun kissed goddess, but require the correct choice of self tanning lotion. Learning about the selection of formulas and related benefits will aid in making the best possible selection decision.

For a professional looking tan, you will need to purchase a quality product and ensure that the lotion is correctly applied for an even result. If you are unsure as to which of these tanning solutions is most compatible, test the tinted cream on a small area to determine whether it is too light or dark. The use of these products should not develop an orange tinge that is considered most unattractive and unnatural.

Determine the value and the quality offered with a particular brand to ensure that the best possible results are achieved. Compare the products and take a closer look at the shade that it is meant to produce for natural and aesthetically pleasing outcomes. The right types of ingredients must be used to achieve a result that is suited to your complexion and provide a sun kissed appearance.

A tan is a popular choice for enhancement as it aids in adding a desirable glow to the skin. It is also regarded as a safe option because you are using a cream to achieve a bronzed appeal rather than remaining exposed to the UV rays of the sun. The range of lotions will rarely include an SPF and should be used in combination with a sunscreen to protect against intense levels of sunlight.

Spending a great deal of time tanning in direct sunlight can cause a great deal of damage to the skin that may only become apparent later on in life. While a golden glow is considered most appealing, no tan that is produced by sun is safe and serves as an indication of the damage UV light has caused. Improper protection can cause heightened risk of melanoma and premature aging.

The self tanning lotions and creams are favourable options because they include a darker tone or tint. This makes it possible to see where the solution is being placed on the body, whether it produces a desirable shade, and if you are causing the formation of streaks and patches. These tans are immediate so you will not have to use the product over a few days to achieve the desired outcome unless you wish to intensify the darkness.

Individuals with a fair complexion will have to select the product lines that produce a natural and attractive glow. Products are developed to complement complexions including fair, medium, and dark. Where lotions are considered too dark or too orange, it can result in a poor and unnatural tan.

All lotions must consist of a thicker formula that is rich and creamy for ease of blending. Do not apply the tanner to skin that is not cleansed or exfoliated as it will not develop a smooth and even result. Focus on spreading the cream in a uniform fashion to prevent the formation of streaks and patches.

Professional Spray Tan Versus Home Self-Tanners

Professional spray tan is the latest trend in cosmetics industry because it provides affordable fake tanning solutions throughout the entire year. Professional spray tan is more performing than any home self-tanner because specially trained professionals, who have the preparation and the competency to ensure a nice tan, perform the tanning session. Professional spray tan contains improved and advanced formulas. In addition, all home tanning solutions lack the adequate application method.

For example, if you choose professional spray tan, you will see that the equipment is very sophisticated. In essence, this solution is so complex because it is optimized to provide all customers with an even application. Moreover, you have the opportunity to choose the hue that suits you the best because you can take advantage of professional guidance.

Alternatively, home self-tanners do not provide enough information on all details related to your skin complexion and the tanning formula which you are going to apply on the skin. We do not state that self-tanners are not safe enough, yet in a professional environment, the chances to get better results are higher.

Professional spray tan is a short-term fake tan that does not involve any side effects. All components, which will shield your skin, are based on DHA. DHA is also known as the sugar that makes our skin darkens. Besides the fake tan, this shield is meant to ensure extra-protection to our skin. You should know that professional spay tan is not similar to dye, on the contrary, during the session, you will see that DHA has no colour but generates a visible and in the mean time aesthetic skin reaction.

So, there is absolutely no risk to damage your clothes. Furthermore, professional spray tan makes use exclusively of DHA-based formulas and this sugar is officially approved by DFA (the acronym for Drug and Food Administration).

However, if you are not allergic to any of the components that can be found in the tanning formula and you do not have bruises, scratches, irritation and any other skin problem, then, we may say that you are eligible for professional spray tan. One more thing to keep in mind, you need to remove all dead cell of your epidermis, so, it is highly recommended to apply a peeling formula.

As for the costs, you can imagine that several sessions of professional spray tan are more expensive than self-tanning alternative you can perform at home. Yet, if we are going into detail and we will assess every single aspect, we will realize that when aiming at spectacular tanning effects we must go for the professional solution.

Professional spray tan versus home self-tanners is a relatively new debate but it is likely to last a considerable period of time. Even if at face value we are inclined to pick the cheapest solutions, when we compare results, professional spray tan is by far the best.

Cheap Tanning Lotions – Discover The Secret Ingredients Which Make Self-Tanners Affordable

Cheap tanning lotions are advertised as being best priced tanning formulas on the market. Since all professional tanning methods are expensive, cheap tang lotions are the overall label for at home tanning formulas. In fact, this alternative has emerged as cost-effective tanning solution that you can perform at home.

We all have the tendency to believe that cheap means low quality. Yet, there are many cosmetics, cheap tanning lotions included, proving the contrary. All manufacturers in cosmetic industry have their own secret formulas that are supposed to make their selling lines stand out of the ordinary.

Secret formulas are not necessarily made of expensive ingredients. Tests have shown that, very often, cheap tanning lotions have similar tanning effects as expensive tanners. Therefore, how can we explain the differences between prices when comparing tanners from similar skincare lines?

First of all, cheap tanning lotions might be a promotional offer. If you purchase these solutions at the end of the season, you will see that many brands advertise substantial discounts, which turn the entire tanning line into cheap tanning lotions.

Famous brands are reputed for high prices even for sunless tanner lines. Therefore, if you are looking for cheap tanning lotions, make sure you will not pay the brand first and then the lotion you are interested in.

These days, we can find an endless range of cheap tanning lotions. The affordability is a relatively new feature of all self-tanners and has become real simply because cosmetic manufacturers have launched affordable selling lines so that they could stay competitive in the market. Regardless of the industry, commerce has a universal rule, any new item or service is initially very expensive. Upon the expansion of production lines, the price decreases gradually. Similar to any other skincare lotion, self-tanners or spray tanners have been classified as very expensive solutions, yet, over the years, the prices attain lower quotes.

Although sunless tan is a remarkable alternative to suntan and solariums, most of ingredients within such lotions can be found in all skincare lotions. Thus we can say that all lotions have a common basis expect the magic component that adds colour to our skin, DHA or dihydroxyacetone.

Dermatological tests show that DHA has not harmful to our skin, yet its action is very dynamic because once applied on the skin, generates a darkening reaction. The brown colour is nothing but skin’ reaction to DHA. Since DHA is not an expensive component, we may state that the majority of lotions within a proper tanning effect might be considered cheap tanning lotions.

Either expensive or cheap, tanning lotions have an important drawback – low resistance in time. Since the action of DHA works superficially, the tan does not resist more than one week because the darkened skin turns eventually into death skin. Of course, there are all sorts of methods meant to make cheap tanning lotions’ effect last longer. Nevertheless, all self-tanners bottles contain the adequate quantity for several sunless tanning sessions.

General Tips In Regards To Self Tanner Spray

Self tanner spray is a very popular choice, amongst the people who use sunless tanning methods that want to get that sun-kissed look on their skin. Many people, who are tan fans, know the dangerous side effects of long term exposure the natural sun light or the UV from tanning beds, and they prefer to keep their skin as healthy as possible.

Using a self tanner spray, you can avoid all those side effects and you can even save time and money by applying it in your own home. Another thing that made the self tanner spray, very popular amongst the tanning community, is the fact that it is very good in reaching hard to reach areas, such as your back.

So, now let`s get down to the general tips in regards to self tanner spray. You should know by now, that the self tanner spray, like many other sunless tanning products, contains DHA (dihydroxyacetone), which is the chemical compound used to colour your skin.

You should keep in mind that when you are purchasing a self tanner spray, read the label and choose the one which has a lower percentage of dihydroxyacetone, in order for you to start building your colour. Otherwise you might end up having a very dark tan from the beginning and maybe that is not the colour of the tan you desire.

The self tanner spray is a product that modifies the colour of your skin on a short term period. So, for that respect, do keep in mind the fact that, different products can have a different effect on your skin. Read the label and check if the self tanner spray is compatible with your skin tone and skin type (pH level). If you truly want to be very careful, apply it first on a small patch of skin to see what will be the result.

Every tan fans, fears the dreaded orange tan. The thing you should remember, is that the people who ended with an orange tan, was due to the fact of over saturated skin with a sunless tanning product. If you are using a self tanner spray, this will not be the case because it`s very hard to over saturate the skin, unless you apply the entire bottle in one setting.

Read the instruction on the self tanner spray, and follow them to the letter for a better effect. Also look for a self tanner spray, that has a high concentration of natural ingredients or extracts, as they say, because those natural ingredients will help you maintain that nice sun-kissed look for a longer period of time.

Many people who use self tanner spray, say that exfoliation plays a key part in nice and even tan. They say that because they know that patches of dead skin will darken a lot more than the rest of your skin.

Do not ever try to apply the self tanner spray directly on your face, that`s a very bad, instead you should apply first onto your palms and with your palms apply it on your face.

How To Get The Best Self Tanning Lotion For Your Money

Perhaps you are interested in a lovely suntan. Tanned skin is very popular these days, but spending hours in the sun or at the suntan salon is not recommended. Instead, you can get a nice looking tan with some of the top self tanning lotion products. However, the quality of these lotions can vary a great deal. Here are some tips for getting the best products for the money.

Not all sunless suntan lotions are created equal. Some products may actually dry your skin and you will need to apply a good skin moisturizer also. Yet, this may not be necessary when you choose a product that has moisturizing ingredients included. Check labels very carefully, and choose lotions that promote soft and smooth skin.

Some people refrain from sunless suntan products because of streaking. This can happen if you use an inexpensive cream and do not follow all of the directions. To avoid this scenario, buy products that are of high quality. Also, you may eliminate many streaking problems by waiting for several hours after shaving, exfoliating, or applying moisturizing lotions on your skin.

The best suntan products are very simple to use. Choose products that come with a pump application. This insures that you get an equal amount of cream each time you apply. You also will have an easier time applying your cream if you use rubber gloves. This keeps from staining the hands, especially the palms. You also may wish to stand on a cloth or an old towel, to keep from getting cream on the floor.

Some suntan lotions work best for people with darker skin, while others are designed for fair skinned types. Choose a product recommended for all types of skin, if you are not sure. Also, only lightly apply the cream if this is your first time using it. This is very important if you are light skinned. If your tan is not dark enough, you can always apply a second time.

With concern for the environment (and products that contain chemicals and preservatives) it is best to select lotions that are natural. In fact, sugar based products are becoming very popular. They are known to provide a good tan and can work in four hours or less.

The top products usually deliver the best results. If you want to know which suntan creams work well, check out online reviews. Make sure it is a reliable source that uses honest reviews from actual customers that you can contact. Here is a good way to tell if you are looking at honest reviews. Not all of them will be good reviews, as you can’t please everyone.

Sunless Tanners – Pros And Cons

Sunless tanners are cosmetic solutions based on chemical formulas that when applied directly on the skin can generate a darkening effect very similar to natural suntan. The pigment is almost identical as in the case of exposure to sun rays but the rest differs.

We have the opportunity to spot out such dissimilarity when we compare artificial tanning processes, the epidermis layers affected either by DHA-based formulas or by UV rays actions. The very first difference we should bring into question is the tanning technique. There is no doubt about the fact that sunless tanners are artificial tanning solutions and the tanning effect cannot be called tan.

This effect has been labelled in so many ways and the common tendency is to define it as ‘sunless tan’. We need to emphasize that the same designation is also valid and commonly used for tan reached via sunless tanning beds. In contrast to the second option, sunless tanners have been developed as “at home tanning alternatives” and the buyer is assigned to perform the entire procedure.

In other words, sunless tanners stand for residential beauty methods anyone can take advantage of simply because the average prices are affordable, you can find them in any store, you can order the via Internet, and last but not least, sunless tanners do not require additional devices in order to back up the tanning session.

All you need if you want to put into practice your dexterity while applying a DHA-based is special attention, is rapidity and sometimes lots of patience. As for patience this, this factor depends on users’ ability to perform correctly the tanning session or tanning ritual.

Sunless tanners fall in wide arrays of presentations as you can purchase diversified formulas as bronzers, tanning accelerators, or tanning moisturizers. This diversification occurs as clients are permanently seeking for enriched formulas combining at least few skin-care benefits. This is why, when we read sunless tanners’ label, and the classic cliché “advanced formula” is very first term we spot, our expectations go extremely far.

Usually, all advertisements on the real benefits of sunless tanners are slightly exaggerated since this marketing strategy works fast mainly at release.

This way, sunless tanners are simultaneously efficient moisturizers, or have a rejuvenation role, or protect skin from various external factors. For instance, enriched formulas of sunless tanners contain fundamental antioxidants such as vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C that after regular application ensure long-term protection for the epidermis.

Lately, the stress falls on natural ingredients as many are interested in the risks associated with chemical components and in the benefits of natural extracts for cosmetic and medical usages.

To sum up, sunless tanners have turned into a fundamental selling line in cosmetics industry due to the tremendous waves of popularity. In addition to this ascending trend, sunless tanners are constantly improved and the stress always falls on skin’s benefits. Regardless of disadvantages, sunless tanners are truly safe and safety is the first criterion all customers should keep in mind.

What You Should Know Before Starting The Self Tanning Session

Self tanner tips are all sorts of unofficial pieces of information you can get from a wide array of sources. But before detailing the most relevant tips on self tanning, we should find out what makes self tanning a tricky procedure. First of all, the real challenge comes when we need to apply evenly the sunless tan lotion we have purchased after a thorough analysis of the offer available this summer. Self tanning is a beauty procedure meant to add a natural-like tan to our skin.

Even though we used the term “add”, the tanning lotion does not cover as a dye our skin, on the contrary, the lotion contains an ingredient simply called DHA since it is quite difficult to remember the complete formula – Dihydroxyacetone.

So, if the skin reacts to this magic ingredient, then you need to make sure that the application is uniform and shield the entire layer of epidermis. Dry skin is the worst enemy of all self tanner, so, if you want to prevent such issues you should exfoliate first your skin before applying the lotion. Even though exfoliation should be a fundamental step, many ignore or miss that part.

Since this method is not so popular, you can take it as the very first useful piece of information of all self tanner tips. Similar to a skin care program, you should moisturize your skin after exfoliation. Along with exfoliation, moisturizing procedures stand for 2 essential self tanner tips even though you adopt the right pre-tanning solution and you also take care of your skin.

The third in line when it comes to self tanner tips is the way you schedule this procedure. As you can imagine, self tanning is not piece of cake, on the contrary, it takes time and special attention. So most of self tanner tips outline the importance of time you will assign to home-based tanning session. According to all self tanner tips, it is not recommended to begin this procedure if you are in a hurry or you simply take care of something else simply because you will only get a stained skin and many other things around you impaired by what you think is just natural glow.

So, you should know from the very beginning that you need at least 60 minutes to accomplish the self tanning session. Nonetheless, if you are a beginner, maybe it is better to add 30 minutes to aforementioned 60 minutes. Within this session, you will be required to apply the lotion properly on your skin and the to wait for the lotion to generate the expected tanning effect.

Beauty magazines mention 2 more self tanners tips, mainly if you use for the first time this kind of formula. Usually, you are advised to pay close attention to those areas where skin has a thicker texture. And the last of self tanner tips emphasizes the fact that you should wash your hands immediately after you have finished the application because your hands will can get extra tan.

Do we really need a special tanner for our face?

Face bronzer is the ultimate invention in cosmetics industry. Since we have face lotions and body lotions, why should not we use different tanning formulas for face and body? Face bronzer is created according to face skin sensitivity. We can say that all ingredients are carefully selected so that the face bronzer will reach a higher level of protection. A face bronzer is similar to face powder, yet you can add extra colour and glow to your skin during cold seasons.

Besides the fact that you need to find the right hue for your skin so that you can keep the natural look, you should match the face bronzer to your skin complexion. Since you are make-up addict, it goes without saying that you already know whether you have mix/dry or oily skin. Similar to skin foundation, and face powder, face bronzer lines are classified by the type of skin and hue.

Although, the face bronzer has been developed as a winter tanner, the outstanding benefits of this formula have convinced customers that the same solution works pretty well for hot seasons. Lately, face bronzer has become make-up artists’ secret weapon when they need to create shade effects or to correct visible flaws.

In addition, face bronzer works as an intensifier. For example, when applied on the cheeks, harmonize the traits of your face. This is why; many face bronzers comprise two different shades (a lighter shade and a darker shade for a really dramatic effect). It is understood that the diversity goes beyond our imagination simply because any cosmetics suppliers adds an extra effect with very new selling lines. For instance, shimmers are the latest trend when it comes to face bronzer.

Yet, you need to master correctly make-up in order to create such effect. However, if you are interested in such make-up strategies, check experts’ tutorials (mini make-up sessions) on the Internet.

Many are under the wrong impression that a face bronzer has similar components as any self-tanner; the face bronzer is that magic powder helping us maintain successfully a similar tan as in the summer season. Powder-based formulas, bronzers take charge of all our skin problems and ensure an even look without any flaw.

Besides aesthetic advantages, a face bronzer is meant to provide extra protection. This is why, when we read the label of any face bronzer we notice that this powdered bronzer protects us our skin from UV rays. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, you can choose regular UV protection or extra protection. You should know that SP starts with 15 and goes up to 25.

Along with powdered face bronzers, you can find liquid face bronzers. The second type is very similar to skin foundation, yet the first version is preferred to the liquid formula because the bronzer is not usually applied on the entire face. Make-up artists recommend a powdered formula because we can establish what kind of glow we want to give to our face.

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