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How To Use Tanning Beds?

How To Use Tanning Beds

Do you want to achieve the perfect tan but at a loss as to how a tanning bed works? Are you not sure about the settings, and how long you should stay in? Here is a quick and easy guide for the proper and safe use of a tanning bed.

The first thing to do is schedule an appointment with a salon or appropriate business that has access to a tanning bed. This is usually done by calling the business reception though, with the technology now; there are undoubtedly places the offer internet scheduling. It’s important to pick a time on a day when you can arrive about 5 -10 minutes early.

Once you show up to your appointment let the attendant know that this is your first time using a tanning bed. Don’t be embarrassed about this as it is the job of the attendant to make sure the customers understand the process of using the bed. With hundreds of different brands, shapes and sizes of beds, it is crucial that you understand how a particular bed works.

The attendant may also suggest favourite lotions or tanning bronzers that you can use to reach your desired effect. At this beginning stage, you should only buy samples of different tanning products until you find the right one for your skin type. This way, you’re not paying for a large amount of lotion that you will end up not using.

Some of these have a tendency to burn or make the skin ‘tingle’. If you experience any type of discomfort then that particular product should be avoided. You need something to darken your skin without having a painful chemical reaction.

Once you have the sample lotion applied to your skin, it is time to enter the bed. Be sure to lock the door behind you before taking off your clothes. Remember to remove all jewellery and to put on your goggles before going any further.

You may also be provided with a spray bottle and cleaning cloth to wipe down and clean the bed. If there is a fan in the room turn it on and position it where the air will be hitting you while you’re using the bed. You may now set the timer (usually located on the outside middle of the bed) and crawl in, pulling the lid down after you’ve entered.

Don’t set the timer higher than 10 minutes if this is your first session. Any longer than that can and, will most likely, give you sunburn. If you start to feel weak, light-headed or excessively hot you should exit the bed and end the session. The lid can be raised easily at any time if you need to shave a few minutes off of your tanning time.

When the session is over you should exit the bed, leaving the fans on to cool the room, the bed and you, wipe down the bed before the next person comes in.

Before redressing, you should put on a layer of aloe Vera gel or any type of moisturizing body lotion to help the skin retain elasticity and life. This will help your tan develop and stay for a longer period of time. It’s important to leave the room how it was when you entered; assuring that the next person also has a pleasant experience.

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