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How To Care For Your Skin After Sun Tanning?

How To Care For Your Skin After Sun Tanning

Even with the arrival of summer, you pay more attention to skin care products designed for the beach, there are products that should not forget in order to have a moisturized skin and not only tanned.

It is absolutely necessary to moisturize the skin daily, especially after the beach, but usually you have to continue after returning from vacation. Using highly moisturizing body milk or soothing after-sun lotions will postpone the moment of exfoliation of the skin, thus keeping the colour for longer.

The first thing you need to do if you see that your skin is peeling is a cold shower, which will cool the body and slow the peeling. Once you have cooled, use a soft dry towel, without rubbing your skin. Remember, the moisturizer should be applied as soon as you come out of the shower.

The skin is more sensitive, easily irritated and can be dehydrated after sun exposure. Therefore it is advisable to use the shower moisturizer and even shower oil that soothes the skin. For very sensitive skin, you can use natural oils before showering like olive oil, and argan oil massage with natural extracts.

Exposure to sun, water, sand – all these lead to dry skin and damage the lipid layer. It must be replaced with special products. Thus, experts recommend you drink at least two litres of water each day, with at least six servings of vegetables and fruits.

If itching still gives you headaches, try to improve this feeling by putting ice cubes on the affected area and not by scratching, because it is the risk to get injured. Put the ice cubes in a clean towel and apply it on the sensitive area.

After sun moisturizing lotions are specially designed so that not contains alcohol or other irritating ingredients. These lotions are richer in fat than usual, restoring the skin’s protective lipid layer. Different extracts with vitamins F and E have positive impact on tanned skin. In addition, vitamin E strengthens the skin’s own protection against free radicals.

Because the skin is sensitive and easily dehydrated by UV, cosmetics or perfume containing alcohol should be avoided. Both alcohol and fragrances are irritating and predispose to dehydration. In terms of skin care, it is highly recommended the hypoallergenic moisturizing cream.

An alcohol-free deodorant or perfume can be a handy option for such situations. Also, a few days after the beach avoid any aggressive epilating method. Also, choose a depilatory cream, which has a milder action on the skin.

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