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How Tanning Moisturizers Work?

How Tanning Moisturizers Work

There is increased popularity for skin-darkening moisturizers and this is just like other sunless skin care products. They also perform double task both as moisturizers as well as self-tanners in one. The market is awash with several skin-darkening moisturizers that are found in diverse tones from light to dark.

A hint of colour is provided by this moisturizer generation with the first use and then there is a gradual increase during subsequent applications. In addition, skin-darkening moisturizers can be used on a daily basis. This product albeit sounding like a self tanner, it bares lots of differences.

To some people, the idea of a fake tan may appear as a very strange one. But with the looming threat of cancer, a healthier option can be in the faking of a suntan. The main reason is that your skin is assisted in retaining water by the skin-darkening moisturizers. In addition, your skin is kept healthy on top of ensuring that you maintain it looking good. Their design is aimed at giving the skin more natural colour that is than subtle any other method of self-tanning.

The impression offered by most tanning moisturizers on a quick glance is that many of the same ingredients found in many other lotions as well as moisturizers are contained in them.

Often included are: humectants and emollients that are responsible for the moisturizing of the skin and these include urea and jojoba oil. Typically contained in them are botanical ingredients as well as Vitamins A, C and E. These are responsible for nourishing the skin.

However, these moisturizers are made unique by their capability to provide the skin a summer glow. Dihydroxyacetone or DHA is the common ingredient traced in the tanning moisturizers. It is a colourless chemical that is responsible for the production of a brown tone when there is a reaction between it and the amino acid located on the skin’s outermost layer.

For the fact that dead cells are constantly shed by the skin, the colour survives for 5 days before again requiring applying DHA. Another tanning moisturizer ingredient you may find that has been listed in a tanning moisturizer bottle is Erythrulose, which is used often as a DHA alternative. Skin can be given an orange tint by DHA. However, there is no any other sunless tanning ingredient that has the approval of the U.S Food and Drug Administration apart from DHA.

Important to note however, is the difference possessed by self-darkening moisturizers and self tanners. There are no similarities between these two products. They work differently despite the fact that they both can give you a false tan by employing ingredients that are same. The skin-tinting power of the tanning moisturizer is always very subtle and it requires some repeated use so as to be able to see a noticeable colour.

Self tanners on the other hand will avail to you a colour that is more pronounced after your first use. This is basically how the different tanning moisturizer types work and it is very important to avoid assuming that they have the same working capabilities.


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