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How Safe Is Sunless Tanning?

How Safe Is Sunless Tanning

Sunless tanning products are available in different forms such as sprays, lotions, gels and creams. Professional sunless tanning can be done at several spas, salons and tanning centres. Normally, the sunless tanning products contain DHA or dihydroxyacetone which acts upon dead skin cells and provides dark appearance to the skin.

You cannot wash off the colour, but the tan colour will fade when the dead cells fall off. The results of sunless tanning products can be experienced within an hour. Within 8 to 24 hours, your body obtains the full colour. The best possible results are obtained by people with medium complexion.

Presently, the FDA has approved the ingredient of sunless tanning products, DHA for use on skin. DHA has no known side effects, but FDA recommends that you should not use sunless tanning product on your nose, ears and eyes. It is better to wear a protective covering on your eyes, nose and ear while applying a sunless tanning product.

Sunless tanning products which are organic are the best ones to use on your skin. Sunless tanning is good for individuals who do not easily get tanned. Sunless tanning product is also a good option for fair people who get sunburns during sunbathing.

Sunless tanning helps you to avoid the exposing yourself to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Sunless tanning products contain some additives like sunscreens and moisturizers that are safe and good for your skin.

Sunless tanning products do not contain any harmful chemicals. Sunless tanning is helpful in obtaining a natural looking tan to your skin without exposing it to too much sunlight. Be careful and follow product administering directions when applying to skin, in order to make your tanning safe and natural looking. By using sunless tanning product, you don’t have to spend too much time to obtain the desired colour you would like your skin to be.

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