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Home Remedies For Tanning

Home Remedies For Tanning

1. Use Some Baking Soda

Baking Soda does wonder to your skin. It is a wonderful stain remover if you apply gently on your streaked parts. Use a washcloth to rub it. Baking soda bleaches and exfoliates your skin effectively. You skin becomes smooth and wonderful. Use it on regular basis as a sunless tanning lotion.

2. Take a Warm Bath

Water is the best solution for all your skin problems. You can take a long warm bath and also exfoliate your skin with the use of a washcloth. This will aid in renewed skin. Get rid of streaked skin easily with this natural remedy.

3. Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol on your self-tanning streaks helps you get darken skin looks. Apply alcohol regular to remove unwanted streaks… Make sure to moisturise well if you have dry skin. Alcohol is very drying so be careful when you apply this remedy.

4. Lemon and Lime

Lemon offers you great help to get rid of self-tanning streaks. It is an effective natural tanner. Fresh lemon juice is best as a self tanner. The citric acid in lemon and lime are useful in skin exfoliation and bleaching. Rub fresh lemon on hands and legs also to remove stains of tanning lotion. It really works, do it today…

5. Self-tanning Remover

Self-tanning Remove is indeed very good and quite efficient to remove self-tanner. It can remove orange marks, stains, streaks and even the entire tan. It is of great use…

6. Wear Sunscreen When Tanning

Is it possible to get a quick tan with wearing sunscreen? Of course you get. Wear them to prevent your skin from harmful sun’s rays. It is a need to help in tanning successfully to get the skin dark…

7. Hydrate Your Skin

You must hydrate your skin properly. The well hydrated skin will tan faster and pretty much better than the dusty, dry skin. So, moisturize your skin with lotions, exfoliate dry, dry epidermal cells by scrubbing with exfoliating soap or rough cloth and apply suitable sunscreen for your skin. These will help you tan well and effectively. It works…

8. Moisturize After Tanning

To moisturize after tanning is a must. You can apply aloe skin lotion. Moisturizing keeps your skin healthy and prevents it from getting flaky and dry when exposing to the sun.

9. Apply Natural Oils Onto The Skin

Natural oil can attract the sun and grant you a great, successful and healthy tan. Use natural tan-enhancer prior tanning. You can use any natural oil that suits you best like coconut oil, olive oil, hazelnut oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil etc.

10. Move While You Tan

To get the best results with self tanning you need to position yourself directly to sunlight. Turning your body over every time is needed. You need to lie down in middle of the day and use a reflective sheet or towel to focus the sun. Lying on floatation device on the water is great. Lastly, apply again natural oils after contacting with water.

11. Time Yourself

Be certain to spend only 15 minutes on every side of your body when you tan. Lying in the sun for long time is very bad. You need to drink plenty of cool water and put on your tan oil accelerator as well. To get a satisfied tan you must be patient for another 4 days to take effect. It works great… Do it today…

12. Don’t Shower

Do not take a shower before tanning. The natural oils of the body aid you in tanning. You only need exfoliation and shower for sunless tanning. Keep in mind with this… be careful before doing any tanning…

13. Additional Tips For Self Tanner

  • Select perfect times to tan.
  • Use natural sun when you tan.
  • Tan 20 minutes on every side for light skin.
  • Avoid sunscreen, tanning oil in underarms and bikini lines.
  • Use sunglasses if needed for eyes.
  • Wear lip balm.
  • Drink water while tanning to hydrate your body.

14. Tea

Tea, the natural self tanner tans your skin without exposure to the harmful rays of the sun. Darken your skin by pouring sufficient amount of boiling water over few teabags. Mix well and apply to your skin. It perfectly and easily transforms skin to a desired look…

15. Cocoa Powder

Tan your body and face effectively with Cocoa powder. It is a powerful self tanner. A mixture of cocoa powder and white lotion is best to apply on your skin. Your skin will be tanned successfully. Try it…

16. Pumice Stone

Take off your tanning lotion residue and tanning spray with useful Pumice stone. Rub a pumice stone gently on lotion residue to eliminate it. Use it on hands and feet. Fade the effects away by rubbing with pumice stone…

17. Chocolate

Tan your skin with Chocolate as your remedy. Mix chocolate with brownish shade of usual mineral makeup. You need to gently apply the mixture over the entire skin frequently. You will notice an admirable dark tanned skin in no time. Use this remedy… its simple yet works wonders to you.

18. Coffee

Use coffee as your natural self tanner. It aids you to conceal the appearance of cellulite. Apply a mixture of olive oil, coffee grounds on your face, limbs, body parts you like to tan. Let it stay for few minutes and wash it off. Your skin will be great…

19. Sugar or Salt:

Remove tanning lotion stains and moisten your hands with sugar or salt. The abrasive nature in them helps you reach the goal to get wonderful skin.

20. Vodka:

Start rubbing Vodka into your skin. It will reduce the visibility of bad tan. It works to make your skin look good.

21. Gloves:

Use/wear Gloves when you apply self tanning products. It prevents discoloration of your hands.

22. Exfoliation:

The purpose of self tan is to lessen the contact with harmful sunrays and to prevent sunburn. You must take a shower and exfoliate prior self tanner application. This will promote equal distribution of the remedy you choose for bad tan.