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Fake Tan

Get To Know More About Fake Tanning

You may be interested in tanning for several reasons, though the outcome is generally to improve the look of your body. Typically, fake tanning is done to hide the unwanted skin colour that is usually the result of bad weather (lack of sunshine) or premature aging. When this happens, there are some people who do it to look younger while others do it to appear attractive.

If you are one of the many people with inadequate ideas about how fake tanning is applied, there is every reason to read this article for your interest. The point really is that you will be privileged to know how to apply it to parts of your body like the hand, feet as well as the body. When it comes to fake tanning on the face, it is important to remove the dead skins out of it first. This is usually done by the use of a cleanser or a facial scrub to ensure a better result. For the purposes of ensuring a blend of the tanning product into the hairline, it could simply be achieved by massaging with the use of the finger tips and making sure the hairlines are carefully massaged with the products.

When it comes to the body, there is also the need to make sure your fake tanning is applied on the knees, elbows as well as the heels well. Like the face, it will be in your interest to clear all dead skin cells in order to make a significant mark. One thing that can aid the process is the use of gloves. This not only speeds up the scrubbing process compared with the raw palm but also gives you better protection too. Don’t forget that it may take you several hours without it.

Having known this, you may be looking out for how to undertake fake tanning on the feet. The easiest and surest way to realize something appealing is to make sure you start it in a gentle and light manner. Again, it is important to make sure the dry parts on the ankle, heels and other parts of the toes are carefully worked on. It may also be a nice idea to get a moisturizer for the importance of diluting and ensuring the application is even throughout.

You must know that the entire process requires very careful planning and application. Therefore always take your time to ensure the best outcome.

Finding the Best Fake Tan for You

That annoying sun damage thing can be a real bummer when summer comes around. You want that gorgeous summer glow but don’t want the aging and damage that comes with it. Well don’t give in to the temptation to bask in the sun. Instead turn to your new BFF: Fake Tans. Here’s the 411 on how to find the one right for you.

Instant Tan

There are many permanent self-tanning products out on the market today. Permanent self-tanning products can take about an hour or so to start darkening and come in a number of tones, speeds and applications. You want to be certain you get the look you want, so not to state the obvious but, if you are a natural blond stay clear of anything marked “deep” or “dark” as even when applied lightly these bad boys are going to go all out and get you looking dark. Light or dark, self-tan on the weekend to avoid raised eye brows.

Gradual Tan

Gradual tans are great when it comes to avoiding that, “Holy smokes what’s up with the tan?” look. You can start to apply as the weather gets nice and be ready for shorts and bikini season, or just start using it when you decide you’re looking a little pale. These come with gorgeous lotions that will also moisturize while you use them so it’s a kind of a two for one investment. Also, you can tan to the depth you want, from a light glow to a deep down tan depending on how long you choose to apply it.

Choose Your Medium

Once you decide on gradual or instant self-tanners, you have many choices for how to apply it:

Mousse: Mousses are great for a quick drying, easy to dry self tanner. It’s quick and offers an even all over tan.

Lotion: Lotions are great because they offer a few added benefits. You can choose between gradual, instant or wash off. They are made with quality moisturizers that not only enhance your tan and allow for excellent absorption but also leave your skin silky smooth.

Gel: Gels are much like mousses; fast drying and quick acting for an even all over tan.

Spray: The spray gives you that salon look. Easy to apply, especially if you have help, these tanners are streak free and quick drying. They offer the ultimate smooth, even fake tan.

Liquid: This option is a little more complicated to apply, but offers stunning results. No pain no gain! Applies with a mitt and then you allow it to set to the tan you want, light to deep and dark. You then wash it off once you get the results you want. Well worth the effort!

3 Easy Steps

Once you’ve made your choice the three keys to success are:

1. Moisturize generously twice daily.

2. Exfoliate.

3. Apply evenly.

Then grab that bikini or your mini and tank and enjoy the summer.

Few Precautions You Should Take When Getting Yourself A Fake Tan

Because UV rays are getting more and more aggressive due to depletion of the ozone layer, women are favouring Fake Tan to natural suntans. There are two ways in which you could get yourself an artificial tan: either from exposure to artificial sources of UV rays at the parlour, or by making use of skin tanning products in the form of creams, lotions, sprays and so on, which contain Di Hydroxyl Acetone (DHA) that provokes the oxidization of the superficial cells of the skin.

But the big question is… are methods of artificial tanning really safer than sun tanning? This article attempts to answer this query and provides some valuable advice regarding artificial tanning. Read on.

Indeed, several myths revolve around these two ways of getting a Fake Tan, and people seem to often ignorant or misguided about the dangers and adverse effects that they could be exposing themselves to. To begin with – believe it or not – many people often fail to make out the difference between sun protection skin products and sun tanning skin products.

The fact is that suntan creams and lotions do not protect you from the harmful rays of the sun because their formula doesn’t contain UV filters. They must therefore on no account be used at the time of prolonged exposure to sun rays. Unfortunately, many people believe that wearing sun tanning products at the same time as they are getting a natural suntan would accelerate the process. The end result could be very harmful to their skin.

When applying any product that aims at providing a Fake Tan, you should also avoid areas around the eyebrows, the hair root, and the heels. It is equally important that you wash your hands carefully after the use of any sun tanning product to avoid getting the product into your eyes, which could be very harmful.

If not applied uniformly all over the skin, tanning products can cause differences in skin tone as well as darker areas that appear when dead cells choke pores. This is precisely why it is always recommended to apply the tanning products over clean and dry skin, and to exfoliate the skin regularly after getting you a Fake Tan. When deciding over which skin tanning product you would opt for, try to see if they are hypoallergenic and non-fragrant in order to avoid risks of allergies.

Some people prefer getting their Fake Tan at a parlour or beauty clinic, believing that this would be much safer and more professionally done. However, dermatologists are not of this same opinion. Even though tanning lamps mainly use UVA rays because they are believed to be less aggressive than UVB rays, skin burns can still happen. In fact, twenty minutes spent under intense UVA rays is equivalent to two hours of exposure to UVB rays at the beach.

Before opting for any product to get a Fake Tan, it is always a good idea to consult your dermatologist, pharmacist or beautician for a diagnosis of your skin type and determine the most suitable product for you.

Fake Tan Lotion

Fake tan lotion is the common designation for all sunless tanning formulas applied directly on the skin. We cannot include in this category artificial tanning methods based on UV radiation because its action is totally different. Furthermore, UV lamps are rather similar to sun radiation but UV rays source is artificial whereas suntan is 100% natural.

As you can guess, any fake tan lotion provides a tanning effect by means of artificial formulas. Both spraying and classic cosmetic applications are held up by a chemically synthesized component called DHA, or if you prefer the academic term, dihydroxyacetone. Over the years, the traditional fake tan lotion has undergone many transformations, and these changes are visible on several plans.

The very first noteworthy transformation concerns the tanning formula because initial attempts were not as successful as latest sunless tan lotions are today. At the very beginning, the dark glow we talk about now was rather a dark-yellowish hue. Yet, experts have reached the best formula that is mainly influenced by the concentration of the basic ingredient – DHA.

It is commonly understood that each brand established its own secret formula. Besides the quantity of DHA, every fake tan lotion contains different additional ingredients supplementing the lotion’s basis.

The choice of ingredients varies significantly and regards mainly natural ingredients. Very much depending on pre-established effects, manufacturers can add all sorts of extracts and chemical components. It goes without saying that the final formula is the result of intensive research and study in this activity domain.

The most famous effects concern skin complexion, rejuvenation, and cellulites. Even if we succeed in attaining a perfectly tanned skin, the skin condition might suffer from other problems. Thus, a fake tan lotion must be improved so that its benefits work simultaneously on several plans.

Besides advancing and improving the tanning formula, fake tan lotion has been subject to various marketing strategies. Since advertising is the foundation of any successful business, the classic fake tan lotion has been promoted and still is today as a revolutionary formula. It seems that an important market share is very responsive to such advertising strategies.

Each time new selling line based on innovative results released by dermatologic labs, many customers are convinced that this is the saving solution, even if they don’t understand which are the benefits and the roles of acids or enzymes TV commercials constantly praise. As fake tan lotion plays an important part in any cosmetics company’s business, you can imagine the marketing concerns with the impact the fake tan lotion should have at the end of a certain advertising campaign.

Of course, vendors and marketers have taken advantage of another facet of cosmetics industry, more precisely, medical concerns about the side effects of tan beds. The drawback of another niche in the beauty business has become the ace in the hole of any fake tan lotion based on DHA due to the fact that DHA has been officially classified as being risk-free.


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