Why You Should Go To A Tanning Bed Salon?

Although the business for tanning bed salons is on a boom these days, a lot of people are still quite hesitant to get those bronzed looks through these commercial outlets. Perhaps, the air of getting a tan in a salon may appear as expensive to you, or the fact that there will be people around […]

Why You Need A High SPF Sunscreen In The Sun?

What is SPF? SPF stands for sun protection factor, and this is the measure of how effective the sunscreen is at protecting the user from the sun’s ultra violet light. This can be easily explained as the limit of protection you would get for example a sun screen named SPF 30 would protect you up […]

Why Use Extreme Spray Tan Rather Than At Home Tanners?

So we’ve covered some of the reasons why you should spray tan with Extreme Spray Tan, including the fact that it’s far better for your skin and that we offer a no orange guarantee, unlike, our competitors but why should you visit Extreme Spray Tan instead of use tan products at home? At home tanning […]

What You Need To Know About Solar Pacific Tanning Beds?

You could get a great tan by going on a two month Caribbean vacation. Or, for the same amount of money, you just get a Solar Pacific tanning bed and tan whenever you want without having to worry about and in your teeth and crowded airports. Even if you decide not to buy a bed […]

What To Wear To An Airbrush Session?

One question that many of our first time airbrush tanning clients asks us is in regards to what they should wear to their first airbrush tanning session. While there are no rules on what you should and shouldn’t wear, we do have some recommendations based on how certain fabrics respond to airbrush tanning solution. How […]

What Is The Best Spray Tan Solution?

The natural-looking golden glow is attractive and is a confidence booster for many. Such beautiful results can only come from using the best spray tan solution. It’s a known fact that spray tan stylists strive for superior results by using a tanning solution that performs perfectly every time. If you are new to the tanning business or […]

What Is A Tanning Lotion Bronzer?

A bronzer can be defined as a type of cosmetic product that helps or alters the skins tone so that it gives it a temporary shade of bronze that resembles a suntan. So, we can define a tanning lotion bronzer as an item that helps to darken or make the skin look bronze so that […]

How To Use Tanning Beds?

Do you want to achieve the perfect tan but at a loss as to how a tanning bed works? Are you not sure about the settings, and how long you should stay in? Here is a quick and easy guide for the proper and safe use of a tanning bed. The first thing to do is […]

How To Maintain An Attractive Spray Tan?

Having your very own body spray tanned is an expensive affair and this means that for many men and women maintaining the tan is often forgotten. The tanning business is certainly booming, because especially in the dreary days of winter with the crisis and everything being bleak and the outlook being somewhat difficult it’s enormously […]

How To Find Self Tanners Without DHA?

We are all concerned with our safety and we should want to make sure that we are not putting anything on or in our bodies that is going to cause us any harm. Along with that, is we want to look good too. There is a growing concern in the tanning world about the active […]