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There are so many sunless tanning lotions out there, but unfortunately, not all of those products meet our high quality standards and expectations.

SunlessTanningTruth is finally dedicated to analyze the best sunless tanning lotions on the market to provide you enough information so as to give you an informed decision before spending your hard earned money.

By doing extensive market research, analyzing thousands of customer reviews from Amazon, Walmart & eBay, taking health expert’s opinion from various discussion board & health blogs, here, we have narrowed down the list of products which are very effective and useful.

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Sunless Tanning

Choose The Best Sunless Tanning Solution

Sunless tanning is phenomenon that is taking over. It is proven that people are happier when they are tan. They look healthier, thinner and all around better. Who doesn’t want to look and feel better? But, what price are you willing to pay to get that golden tan.

There are many ways to get tan. The sun is the obvious first thought because it is the natural ways that people have been getting tan for centuries. But, we don’t always have access to the sun in order for us to utilize its abilities. Therefore, we are going to have to look elsewhere to get tan during those cold, cloudy months.

The first place that people look for Sunless Tanning is to tanning salons. These will get you tan, but you are going to need to use different products to get a natural tan. The booth alone will give you an oranges colour as well as damage your skin. If you use products like a tanning accelerator, you will get brown, protect your skin more and be in there for a shorter period of time.

Instant Sunless Tanning Products

The healthiest sunless tanning products are also the easiest to use. The sunless tanning world has expanded in great numbers because people are realizing what the sun and tanning beds can do to your skin. Therefore, in order to get a golden tan without jeopardizing their skin, they are using different sunless products.

When it comes to sunless tanning products, there are going to be many types as well as brands to choose from. The one that you hear about most is the sunless tanning lotion. This is a great product because it not only gets you an even, lasting tan, it also moisturized and protects your skin.

Some people find it easier to get a completely even tan by using a tanning spray. This is because the spray spreads out over your skin during application. Another benefit to the spray is that you can get to places on your body that you would not be able to reach with a lotion. It does not have the moisturizing affects, but it has clear benefits.

The most temporary sunless tanning products are the bronzers. They allow you to control your tan at all times. If you don’t like the application and want to start over, you can just wash it off. This is great for people who like to change things up, models and bodybuilders.

The most recent entry into the sunless tanning market is the tanning pill. It is a completely safe and natural way to get yourself tan from the inside. It works by dying the top layer of fat a dark brown. This shows through your skin, giving it that tan look even though your skin is not affected.

If you are interested in sunless tanning products, you should do some research to see which ones will work the best for you. But don’t put too much time or effort into it because they are harmless.

If you don’t like one product, move onto the next without worrying. They are all fairly inexpensive which means that if you don’t like a product, you did not just put a large investment into it. Good luck getting that golden tan you desire.

Choose The Best Sunless Tanning Solution

The truth is that tanning makes individuals look and really feel healthier, slimmer, and much more beautiful. Everybody is striving for stunning skin with a healthy glow, but what may be the greatest method to achieve this appears? If you are searching for a safe method to tan, sunless tanning items are the ones for you personally.

Sunless tanner are becoming much more well-liked. You can still get a excellent look without having damaging your skin. Sunless tanning is starting to gain much more respect in the beauty industry, particularly as the sun becomes more and more dangerous to us.

The correct sunless tanners can provide you with that same beautiful golden bronze tan that numerous people discover so attractive without having to lie out in the sun and risk obtaining cancer.

Skin colour cancer is the most common cancer reported by Americans today. Each year more than a million individuals get skin colour cancer, while thousands die because of it. Do yourself a favour and stick with sunless tanners should you truly want to obtain a tan.

Tanning beds and tanning spas should to also be crossed off your list. Studies have shown that tanning beds and spas that use ultraviolet radiation are definite causes of cancer.

There are numerous sunless tanning items available over the counter, but numerous of them result with an unhealthy looking orange glow and leave your skin colour greasy and smelly. Select wisely and test a small area very first before applying to your whole body.

So, the other way is use sunless tanning items can actually be a lot of fun and also the greatest part is you’ll look great even whilst trying out various kinds. When deciding what the best kind of item is for you, you will wish to look for a product that has DHA as the active ingredient.

What this does to cause the tanning appear is it creates a chemical reaction the DHA and the amino acids within the dead layer of the skin, so in spite of popular belief, the tanning item isn’t a paint, dye or a stain at all.

Some from the obvious advantages of this style of tanning is that it gives your skin a wholesome appearance, it’s a really handy moisturizer, it’ll provide natural colour, it is generally very quick to dry and once again, you can apply it at house or on the go.

A lot of people claim that it’ll make them appear slimmer and feel great, so do not stop trying new things prior to you finally discover the best sunless tanning.

The Sunless Tanning products out there are pretty impressive such as Idol Tan. A number of can give you that glowing Jennifer Lopez bronze appear without having any negative health risks. You will definitely be able to turn heads with your great looking skin colour.

You no longer have worry about smelling weird because a number of businesses provide tanners which are scentless or ones that have pleasant smells. You no longer need to go an expensive salon simply because the over the counter tanning products are just as efficient at giving you a professional look.

Are You On The Verge Of Starting A Tanning Salon?

Starting a tanning salon idea has been for several decades, one of the most promising opportunities in the industry. The starting point in this business was mainly favoured by traditional tanning beds as they are considered some of the most revolutionary beauty-based devices.

Of course, at that time, starting a tanning salon was equal to huge investments and also equal to a tremendous business opportunity.

Since tanning beds were manufactured by advanced technologies, implicitly the costs of acquisition were extremely high but the success was guaranteed. This scenario of starting a tanning salon was close to reality many years ago, but if you consider now starting a tanning salon the things are pretty different.

First of all, you should know that the competition is tough even if many customers are more and more interested in getting tanned via artificial means. In addition, sunless tan equipment seems to get diversified constantly as the basic device of every tanning procedure undergoes all sorts of transformations.

These transformations can be approached differently by investors as any new tanning method involves new and expensive acquisition and sometimes this is the only chance to outclass the competition.

It goes without saying that starting a tanning salon is a very complex business and cannot be limited to buying tan equipment. It goes without saying that a similar investment requires a convenient location where the personnel can welcome all clients, a well-trained team, performing tanning devices (either you provide commercial services based on professional solariums or commercial sunless spraying devices), and last but not least authorizations to perform commercial activities in compliance with all hygiene regulations.

As you may know, all these steps are absolutely compulsory when starting a tanning salon. However, in order to keep under control all these requirements and to keep track of all expenses, it is highly recommended to develop a business plan. This method can help you organize all your work and any other auxiliary activity and it becomes a must when you need financing.

In order to meet the eligibility criteria you will need to pay closer attention to the way you write your goals and make your plan sustainable. Even if you cannot refashion the entire business when starting a tanning salon it is highly recommended to add your salon a touch of distinction.

You may visit other tanning salons and decide what they miss. So, you might be inspired by other salons and in the mean time you can make you tanning parlour unique and competitive.

Advertising is one of the fundamentals in any business, thus starting a tanning salon requires performant promotion strategies in view of the fact that you need to make your tanning salon famous. However, if your debut in the tanning business is a success, you should supervise thoroughly the entire activity if you want to stay competitive.

How To Get A Quick, Safe Sun Tan

In today’s quick paced world, it doesn’t have to take hours of laying out in the sun in order to get a tanned glow you can enjoy. Follow these steps in order to make your sun tanning experience quicker, more effective, and most importantly, safer.

Step 1: Before you hit the outdoors, build a base tan using a tanning booth. This will control the amount of UV light your un-tanned body receives and will prepare it to protect itself from the actual sun by encouraging your skin to start producing melanin. Melanin is the natural tan-causing aspect of your skin and acts as a barrier to UV light, like a natural sunscreen. It will also help you tan more quickly once you’re out in the sun.

Step 2: Use sunscreens that have a low SPF. In this way, you will limit at least some of the harshest rays from reaching your skin while still allowing yourself to develop a tan. Reapply often, every 20 minutes.

Step 3: Use sunscreen underneath tanning oil. Tanning oils tend not to have as much SPF as sunscreens, so smooth on a medium SPF sunscreen before you spray the oil. Oils do help you tan quicker, limiting your exposure, but they can also induce burning, which is a big no-no if you’re trying to stay safe.

Step 4: Buy no-tan-line bikinis. These swimsuits are made from a special fabric that allows UV rays to penetrate and gives you an even tan without obvious tan lines. Make sure to apply sunscreen on your entire body before wearing your swimsuit.

Step 5: Don’t spend more than 2 hours outside and make sure the sun light you get is as indirect as possible. Avoid the sun between noon and 3 p.m.

Step 6: Remember that you can actually burn more easily if you are on or near the water. This is because the water surface acts like a mirror and the rays bounce off and hit you, giving you more exposure. Prevent burning at all costs and remember that a good, safe tan is built in layers and over time.

A few, short sun tan sessions are much more effective, long lasting, and safer than hours of sun exposure at once. People with very fair skin, or who have a family history of skin cancer, should avoid natural sun tanning completely. Try indoor tanning lotions and spray tanning instead. Sure you want to look good, but you want to look good for many healthy years.

Self Tanning

Although self tanning is promoted to be safe and effective, some self tanning products available out there can actually be extremely dangerous to your health and well being.

Avoid the following dangerous self tanners.

1. Tanning Lotion

Tanning lotion is a key aspect of getting a healthy glow all year long in a healthy way. A tan is so much more than merely something we wear after frolicking in the hot sun during the summer months.

Mystic tan is an indoor tanning method that involves a spray tan which uses DHA colour to give your skin a glowing tan for 4-7 days. Mystic tanning has been hailed as one of the safest methods of getting a nice tan without putting your skin, or your health, at risk.

2. Skin Bronzer

With all the hype around self tanners being a safe alternative to traditional tanning methods, you may be wondering if these skin bronzers are safe for children. It’s not uncommon for little ones to want to imitate their parents in every aspect of life.

Which celeb is running around Tinsel town sporting the best tan? Well the answer is definitely not Valentino. You’d think that as a fashion icon and genius, he’d know when to lay off the magic tanning potion.

Sunless Tanning Basics

In this world where skin colour can be changed with artificial means, sunless tanning creams are one of the top selling beauty products of all time. With its skin benefits, more people even teenagers are now using these products to give their skin an even and safe glow.

The question is how effective are these creams? Find out more as we give you the important information about sunless tanning creams.

Our skin is made up of three layers which are known as the epidermis or the topmost layer, the dermis or the second fatty layer, and the hypodermis which is the bottom layer before the muscles.

The epidermis is further parted into two layers, the basal and the horny layer, the latter is the outermost part of the epidermis where sunless tanning creams work with.

Now, when the chemicals of these products interact with dead skin cells, the natural sugars in it will bind with the dead cells which will dramatically have a browning effect. This change is said to last for about 4-7 days from the start of the application.

The Safety Concerns

There are many side effects of these creams such as redness, more drying and even onset of acne. These side effects may be temporary but are sure to trigger anyone’s confidence at a time.

One of the substances that is put into creams are DHA or the Dihydroxyacetone. This substance are said to be approved by the FDA but are not safe enough for sensitive skin. This will then complicate skin health to higher degree of problem that includes itchiness and redness.

Pregnant women should be informed enough to take precaution in trying these products. Sunless tanning products usually have strong chemicals like lead and arsenic that may get into the system causing pre-natal effects like delayed development or mental effects.

The Needed Precautions

In order to stay on the safety zone, it is good to test the products first before buying one. Here are the things you can do to try any sunless tanning methods:

  • Consider type of skin. Choose water-based products for oily skin, and cream-based for dry to normal ones.
  • Do not immediately apply it to face. Test an ingredient for potential side effects by applying one just under cheeks, beside the chin. This skin is also sensitive so if there are certain reactions to it, then you may need to find another that is compatible to skin tone.
  • Determine skin sensitivity. If you already know that a certain ingredient is not good for your skin, consider finding other options. There are less invasive ways to achieve a tan without the help of the sun.
  • Consult a dermatologist. This is the best step to ensure a safe and effective product. Your dermatologist is the most credible source of information that can diagnose your skin type and prescribe the best product that you can use.

These are the basic truths you need to know before buying sunless tanning products. There are many products to choose from and each product’s claims may lead anyone to misinformation and other negative effects.

In this world where skin colour can be manipulated, there is nothing wrong to try one of these products but take into consideration the safety issues.

The Natural Sun Or The Fake Tanning Lotion

More and more tan fans are using the fake tanning lotion, as their most desired mean to get a fake tan. Taking a look, at the new trend for tans, more and more people want to get tanned, even though they don`t leave in sunny areas, they still want to have a nice divine golden tan.

How those people manage with their desires, you might ask yourself. Well, it`s very simple, they fake tanning lotion as means to get their very desired tan.

If you take a look at how many people are getting tanned nowadays, by using the sun natural light, you will see that their numbers are decreasing every day. Living in an era where one of the most common diseases, among the people who use the sun natural light to get tanned, is skin cancer. Our planet is filled with pollution, and our ozone lair is get thinner every day.

The sun natural light is made out of a lot stuff including the ultraviolet light. The ultraviolet light is the thing that helps people to get tanned however recent studies shows that long term exposure to ultraviolet light, can cause skin cancer and it has an aging effect on the skin.

With all this information being spread all around the world, it`s no wonder more and more people turn to fake tanning lotion as their mean to get tanned. People are afraid of getting skin cancer if they expose themselves too much to the ultraviolet light.

If you take at the evolution of the solarium salons in comparison to the users of fake tanning lotion, you will see that in recent years, a lot of people decided not to use solarium as their mean for getting tanned.

The solarium, replicates the effect of the sun, by creating ultraviolet light. New studies are showing that the solarium can have the same effect on the skin, as the ultraviolet light from the natural sun light. You will see critics saying that it`s not true, well I beg to differ.

To get a good even tan you need at least two or three hours per day, in the natural sun light for about, three or four days. Using a solarium has the same effect in a less amount of time ten to twenty minutes sessions, at one session per day for about three or five days.

The fake tanning lotion will not tan your skin; it will simply change the colour of your skin pigmentation. It is safe, you are not exposed to dangerous ultraviolet light, you don`t get burned.

The only thing you need to remember when using fake tanning lotion is to read the label as careful as possible, to match the product with your skin tone.

Many people use fake tanning lotion as their main mean of getting tanned, when they used it for the first time, they bought a fake tanning lotion that was not suited for their skin, and they ended up having an orange colour.

So for that respect, read the label of the fake tanning lotion you are going to purchase and make sure it`s the one suited for your skin tone.

Sunless Tanning Lotion Tips

With all the bad effects that the sun could give to the body, many now prefers sunless tanning. There are many options to get tan without the sun. You can get a sunless tanning spray, or you can get a sunless tanning lotion. It is better to get yourself a sunless tanning lotion because a tanning bed can give you cancer.

Sometimes, women don’t do their tanning right. There are women with the streaks on their legs. It’s easy to apply sunless tan lotion especially when you put patience on it. You need a lot of patience so you would not mess it up and have streaks in the end.

What To Do Before You Apply Sunless Tanning Lotion

Before everything else, it is important that you exfoliate. You need to get rid of all the dead layers of your skin. This layer is scaly. The sunless tanning lotion would not work its way into your skin if this layer is not shed. Make sure to save money on this step. Do your research and find the cheapest exfoliator in the market.

To shed this layer off your skin, rub your whole body with a body scrub. All the very dry areas need to be rubbed well because those are the areas where there are more layers that are dead and scaly. Your knees and your elbows are just two of these parts.

It is also important that before you apply sunless tan lotion, you must moisturize daily, one week before you apply it. The moisturizing body lotion should be applied right after you take a bath or a shower.

How To Do It

It is important to remember that you should not apply the sunless tanning lotion while you are still in the bathroom, especially when the bathroom is steamy since this will melt the sunless tanning products. This will then cause the sunless tan lotion to drip into your body, causing the unwanted streaks on your body.

It is also important that you do not apply the tanning lotion while your body is still hot for the same reason. Wait until your body is cool. It would be better if you get someone to apply the tanning lotion on your body so that it would be even. Tell him or her not to rush.

You would have a better result if the application of the sunless tanning lotion is slower and when the applier is paying attention on the parts that he is applying the lotion sunless tanning on.

Applying the lotion sunless tanning with the same amount of moisturizer will result to a more natural look. When your knees and elbow show streaks, it would be better if you do this.

After the application of the lotion sunless tanning, wait for fifteen minutes before you get dressed. It would take time but it’s worth the wait. It may help if you do something else while you wait for the fifteen minutes to be over.

The Don’ts

Now applying sunless tanning lotion may be very easy but there are many things that you should remember so that it would not result to what you do not want it to be.

First of all, you should not shave your legs right before you would apply the lotion sunless tanning. This is especially if your skin is very sensitive. It’s not actually an issue for some, but if you are not sure you will be irritated, do not shave.

Wearing something dark while you are applying the self tanning lotion is advisable since the process could get a little bit messy and you do not want your whites to be stained on. Also, wearing the same outfit when you apply the sunless tan lotion would make the process a whole lot faster and easier.

It is also not recommended that you use sprays. Using the lotion sunless tanning, you can be a lot sure that you are applying it evenly. Do not apply hard weight tanning lotion on your face and neck. Always apply lightweight sunless tan lotion first.


Remember that there are always bad effects when you put on sunless tanning lotion. You will notice that your moles and your freckles will darken. So will the remaining parts of your body. The colourless moles then may turn darker.

There are different effects for different scars. Some scars may turn darker. However, the most recent scar would not absorb more sunless tan lotion.

Also, your belly would darken. You can solve this by applying cotton that you swabbed in lotion once you put on the sunless tanning lotion. But there are also ways to get rid of this. One way is by rubbing it with cotton that was dipped in the eye make-up remover.

Sunless Tanning Maintenance: Live A Healthy Skin

Admit it or not, sunless tanning products are pretty expensive and may cause huge budget constraints. These are especially true to sunless tanning creams. In order to maintain skin that is tanned for longer periods of time, couple up healthy regimen that entails proper skin care and worry-free life.

We have come up with easy ways to maintain a healthy skin which will definitely help your sunless tanning products in case you are using one. Here are the things you can do:

1. Sleep Properly – 7-8 Hours Daily

Sleep is one way of skin rejuvenation. As we sleep, our body performs series of renewing every cell in the body as we relax from day of activities and stress. Get your body to a much needed rest by making sure that you will sleep for about 7-8 hours daily.

You can make a tea or any beverage to induce sleep, relax your mind from thinking too many things and sleep at a regular time, keeping it on schedule every day.

Sleeping is a great benefit to maintain a healthy tan and prevent any skin problems. Sleeping problems cause dry skin, and dry skin sheds more dread skin cells. This in turn will lighten your tan as the sunless tanning substances are also shed off.

2. Avoid Stress And Other Negativities In Life

You probably have heard of it, but people are advised to stay away from stress and other causes. This is of course, for the improvement of over-all health and skin function.

It has been proven that stress, anxiety and other emotional problems can be linked to skin problems weakening its structure and therefore, may jeopardize your sunless tanning regimen.

When skin structure weakens, it also dries up and thus, washes away your tan. Make sure to avoid hassles from life and learn ways to unwind by doing things that will make stress go away.

Have a stress-free life by playing a sport or meet a new friend that you want to talk to. You can also travel and relax or be with people who can brighten mood. These are the simple things you can do in order to have a worry-free and glowing tanned skin. What’s more, it will lessen the use of those expensive sunless tanning creams.

3. Yes To Water

This is one of the practices that are pretty easy to do but is not done. It is common for people to opt for caffeine, juices and other drinks instead of just plain water. Water is a pure source of detoxification. It does not contain any calorie and is necessary for organs in the body for proper function. Every organ does not need juices and sodas to function.

4. They Need Good Amounts Of Water.

Water can improve circulation and thus, washing away harmful substances that may cause skin problems like dryness and premature wrinkles. By making sure that you are drinking about 7-8 glasses of water every day, then you are also are assured that your skin is well-moisturized, keeping the oils and dead skin cells – maintaining your tan for more days.

The Skin Diet For Sunless Tanning

There is a particular food that matches people who are into skin tanning. This is to prevent your skin from any damaging effects of sunless tanning products and to give you a radiant and glowing skin.

Our skin needs the proper amount of nutrients like vitamins, minerals and antioxidant to keep it smooth and healthy. The only thing you need to do is to eat. Then get your favourite sunless tanning cream to give you a healthy glow just perfect for summer vacation. So, without further ado, here are the foods that you can eat to achieve a healthy tan.


Almonds are packed with an essential vitamin called Vitamin E. Vitamin E is known to promote good skin by fighting off the free radicals that may harm the skin. These free radicals usually are present in the food we eat and in the polluted environment we are exposed to daily. These free radicals can damage the skin cells making their structures weaken and more susceptible to damages like the sun’s harmful rays and other causes.

Almonds are convenient snack items which can be eaten as it is or with fruits. It also can be sprinkled in your salads for added flavour and texture. While eating almonds, don’t forget to put on your sunless tanning cream!


Avocados are not categorized as fruits, they are said to be made out of monounsaturated fat. One of the discovered benefits of monounsaturated fats is that they decrease the risk of breast cancer.

There has been in Sweden wherein women who have diets that are high in monounsaturated fats, as compared to intake of polyunsaturated fats, has lower risk of developing breast cancer. Aside from this benefits, avocados are also rich in Vitamin E which is eliminates free radicals and biotin to prevent skin from drying.

To enjoy avocadoes, you can add them to your favourite black bean soup or any clear soup to give it a creamy finish and added flavour. This will definitely give you a glow as combined with your sunless tanning products.

Green Tea

Green Tea is now being used for skin benefits because of its polyphenol compounds. These compounds are known to provide the body with antioxidant effects that washes away body impurities and free radicals.

Aside from that, research also has proven green tea to have an anti aging effect by lessening the damages of DNA as caused by these harmful free radicals. This will absolutely give you a smooth skin for long without worrying about early onset of wrinkles and other premature aging signs.

Make it a point to drink green tea everyday for about 4 cups. If you are not fond of flavour, you can add in a little bit of honey or combine it with other fruits to make it into a smoothie.

These are the skin diet you can have in order to achieve a glowing-tanned skin. This can be in perfect conjunction with any of your sunless tanning regimen like creams and lotions. You should also do protective ways to keep your skin in tanned for long by continuous exfoliation and moisturizing.

Information On Sunless Tanning Sprays

Sunless tanning sprays are starting to get the respect they deserve. Many fan tans, are choosing sunless tanning sprays, over other sunless tanning products, because they are affordable and can be applied with ease. We all know that sunbathing was the main method for people that wanted to get tanned.

The natural sun light can tan your skin in a very nice manner, providing your skin with necessary nutrients and vitamins needed for a golden divine tan however if you take a look at the effects of long term exposure to natural sun light, you will see that sunbathing is not as safe as you think. The natural sun light can cause sunburns, a dreadful aging effect and in the worst case scenario, skin cancer.

Many people are concerned with the health status of their skin, so they choose the sunless tanning sprays if they want to get a nice and healthy tan. Sunless tanning sprays have their own individual formula, which combines both natural extracts and chemical compounds that can colour your skin, and maintaining that tanned look for several days.

The main ingredient in every sunless tanning spray, is a chemical compound called DHA, which is the main active ingredient that colours your skin. Depending on how many coats of sunless tanning sprays you apply, the results may vary from person to person, based on the skin type and skin tone and what is formula of the product or products you are using.

In the world of sunless tanning sprays, there is a saying; you get what you paid for. In other words, when you go shopping for sunless tanning sprays, you will see huge price differences. My advice to you is the following. Never buy sunless tanning sprays that you haven`t used before.

Try to get your hands on some free samples that you can test, to see how you will skin react. If you want high quality tan, be prepared to spend over $100 dollars, for high quality sunless tanning sprays. The higher the price, the higher the concentration of natural ingredients and extracts will be in the sunless tanning sprays formulas.

If you still are scared of the side effects of sunless tanning sprays, you should not be scared anymore. Sunless tanning sprays have come a long way since they were first introduced on the market.

You don`t have to worry anymore, about any weird skin pigmentations, uneven tans, and that awful orange dwarf looking tan. Now they have improved formulas, and if you follow the instruction written on the bottle, to the letter, you will have the desired tan.

Just keep in mind to use sunless tanning sprays that are compatible with your skin tone and skin type, and make sure you are not allergic to one or more of the ingredients from the formula.

Do remember, that when using sunless tanning sprays, you should exfoliate as much as possible, if you want to maintain a certain tan tone for a longer period of time.

Sunless Spray Tanning, How Safe Is This Procedure?

Sunless spray tanning is a relatively new beauty procedure, which has been initially implemented in professional beauty parlours and then extended for residential use. This method makes use of technical performance and chemical actions.

Even though, apparently such directions have nothing in common, sunless spray tanning explores simultaneously the benefits of each branch so as to make sunless spray tanning an outstanding beauty solution.

Since advanced technique is the key to amazing result, we need to emphasize the fact that sunless spray tanning has undergone over the years significant transformations.

First of all, the spraying unit has been considerably improved, therefore manually operated devices have been optimized and now you can make use of automatic systems that are by far more performant than primary prototypes.

Therefore, when it comes to sunless spray tanning, we might discuss about the classic spraying procedure and its ungraded version where technology takes over the most important part of the tanning process.

As for traditional sunless spray tanning, the presence of a human operator was absolutely mandatory since he or she took care of the spraying duty. In return, modern alternatives reduce considerably human work in view of the fact that more sophisticated systems that we usually call “spray tanning booths” serve all the requirements.

Therefore, before starting a session, the customer is required to choose a certain tanning program and to acquire adequately all instructions.

Even if sunless spray tanning techniques are very complex, you need to perform correctly all steps you were told about before entering the spray tanning booth. The main tanning session is usually divided into several mini sessions corresponding to certain parts of our body.

The major asset of sunless spray tanning is the fact that users can take full control over the spraying distance and the intensity of the jet and in general, this control is enabled by automatic appliances.

Furthermore, it seems that dermatologists have positively estimated sunless spray tanning and have officially classified it as being inoffensive. This procedure based on DHA formula has been welcome because today it stands for the most reliable tanning alternative.

On the other side, opponents outline the major drawback of this tanning system – short term resistance as the reaction caused by DHA is temporary and fades along with natural exfoliation of death skin. However, if we assess and then compare risks versus benefits, sunless spray tanning outclasses UV sun tanning beds.

All skin harms registered up to sunless spray tanning implementation could not be completely annihilated but only reduced. As for sunless spray tanning such risks are history as DHA works only superficially without harming the epidermis.

So, it is strongly recommended to repeat tanning sessions via sunless spray tanning devices if we want to maintain our tan for a longer period of time instead of suffering from severe skin problems.

All in all, sunless spray tanning is one of the safest beauty techniques even if we have no other means to expand the initial result only by repeating a similar tanning session.

Self Tanning, Sunless Tanning, Organic Natural Spray Tan, Sunset Tan

Slight tan on a pale skin can make you look healthy and radiant. You may not always get a chance to sun bathe to get yourself tanned. Exposure to UV radiation also makes sun bathing less attractive to many people. This has increased the demand for sunless tanning or indoor tanning.

Indoor tanning is extremely quick and easy. It can usually last for a week or so, some tanning products may even last for two weeks if proper after care is taken.

Individuals who do not want to spend money at a tanning salon or in a mobile salon unit, can opt for self-tanning. As the name suggests, self-tanning is designed for personal use. You can apply a self-tanning cream or lotion as instructed on the product and just let the tan develop over the next few hours.

Self-tanning is less expensive as compared to salon tanning however it can get quite messy during the application process. You can opt for spray cans like tan in a can or wash off tanning solutions from St Tropez for self-tanning.

Sunless Tanning

Sunless tanning is another term used for fake tanning. Tanning lotions contain DHA. DHA reacts with skin cell to impart pigmentation to it. This causes tanning.

You can opt for different types of sunless tanning modes like, self-tanning lotions, fake tanning salons, or you can even ask a friend or family member to spray tan you using a spray tan gun. You can enhance the overall effect of sunless tanning by using tanning lotions with bronzers or accelerators. Sunless tanning can take about 5 minutes to 40 minutes depending upon the type of equipment used. Airbrush guns would take longest time whereas a HVLP machine would be the quickest to tan a person.

Organic & Natural Spray Tan

Increasing number of users are now demanding organic and natural spray tan because of potential side effects linked to the chemical based tanning solutions.

DHA is the miracle ingredient of any tanning solution. Most solutions have manmade or synthetic DHA, such tanning solutions are extremely quick to tan as they permeate the pores of your skin.

Organic and natural spray tanning solution like EcoTan derives DHA from natural sources and hence it is safe on skin. You must check for Organic certified logo on the product to choose a safe, natural and organic spray tan.

Sunset Tan

Sunset tan is one of the most popular tanning salons in Australia. Located at Claremont, they have been in the business for about 6 years now. They use high quality tanning solutions that are chosen based on your skin type.

Sunset Tan uses spray guns with compressors to deliver precise and even tan. On an average, you can get spray tanned at Sunset tan in a matter of fifteen minutes.

Since the tan dries quickly, you can continue with your routine for rest of the day. However, you must keep in mind that it would take about 2 hours to 8 hours for the tan to develop completely. Sunset tan also trains you and helps you in setting up a business.

Sunless Airbrush Tanning, Discover 3 Indicators Of Tan Sprayers

Sunless airbrush tanning is one of the most competitive solutions today. Sunless airbrush tanning devices function with the help of a compressor and a hose, which are meant to spray the liquid evenly.

The quality of sunless airbrush tanning relies on the degree of uniformity the system succeeds in attaining upon the completion of a sunless tanning lotion. Such devices have experienced an enormous popularity as the formula providing customers with the most alluring tan has been officially classified as being risk-free.

Unlike solariums which make your skin darken via dangerous UV rays, sunless airbrush tanning methods are non-invasive beauty solutions many customers afford.

Even though the functionality principle is very simple, sunless airbrush tanning solutions are handled by professionals who have been previously trained to perform such tanning procedures. The clue relies on the optimal distance that needs to be established between the skin and the activated hose.

It goes without saying that apart from expertise, tanning salons personnel needs high quality devices. A performant sprayer is definitely mandatory because, no matter the attention you pay while applying the formula, all efforts might turn useless.

The lack of high quality systems can ruin a remarkable business opportunity. For this reason, there are few issues we need to take into consideration when assessing sunless airbrush tanning.

As we already discussed, the expertise can make the difference if only the personnel possesses a viable airbrush tanning equipment. Thus, the very first indicator depends pretty much on the proficiency of well-trained personnel.

In close connection with the first indicator, we can outline the importance the quality standards the equipment can attain. Therefore, all tanning salon managers are advised to assess thoroughly more than one option.

It is quite difficult to reach establish which sunless airbrush tanning is the optimal solution as the offer is extremely diversified and the technical specifications are very similar.

If you surf the internet you will be surprised that many experts in the field share their experiences and convey relevant information on the real performance of sunless airbrush tanning devices.

Even though you are inclined to believe that such testimonials are somehow subjective, you should check several reviews so as to reach the right conclusion.

The third element, you must take into account is the quality of the tanning formula. Actually, there is the magic ingredient because most of the formulas propelled on the skin contain DHA. It is worth pointing out that the liquid sprayed is not a dye-based but a reactive formula.

Nonetheless, all devices need high quality DHA-based solutions with the optimal texture so that the spraying method will not be affected by components with a different texture.

To put it differently, sunless airbrush tanning is conditioned by three major factors and even the lowest deficiency reduces the quality and performance of final results. Thus, professionals in the business state that the combination of all three elements is the key to high standards airbrush tanning solutions.

The Truth About Sunless Tanning Creams

There are lots of sunless tanning creams and there is no harm in finding out all the basic things about them. By knowing how they work, their benefits and potential complication, it may be of an advantage to you so you can further protect your body from complications or apply these products in safe ways. Here is the whole truth about sunless tanning creams.

How Do They Work?

Sunless tanning is defined as a chemical application of the skin without the use of the sun. It is a safer way to achieve a suntan glow without the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.

They work by interacting with the dead skin cells in the outermost layer of our skin by binding the chemical’s natural sugar to the said cells. This binding process produces discoloration of the skin which is similar to suntan.

This process is as simple as it is and convenient to apply. That is why people in different walks of life prefer this method for its protective quality and fast results. In as little as 7 days, you will immediately see the suntan results you have always dreamed of.

The Ingredients List

Sun tanning products uses different ingredients and are marketed to be advantageous than their competitors. Well, it is for you to find out. Products have different marketing schemes and you will only see what suits you if does not cause any negative reactions in your skin.

We all have different body chemistry so a product may not be as sufficient like how it is effective to your friend. Here are usual ingredients in sunless tanning products.

DHA (dihydroxyacetone)

This is the most common ingredients in sunless tanning wherein it is included in most products.


This is actually an amino acid (a building block of protein) that can stimulate the production of melanin causing the skin to produce faster ways to achieve a tan.

Vitamin D

One of the controversies that sunless tanning faces is that lotions and creams can decrease the absorption of Vitamin D for up to 98%, depending on the SPF. Some products include this Vitamin in their ingredient list so as to supply enough of this vitamin for bone and skin health.


Natural moisturizers are also being added to these products to protect the skin from the drying effects of chemicals while keeping it radiant and glowing.

SPF (sun protection factor)

SPF is known the block the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun, while you are out on a field. It actually enhances the work of sunless tanning products by making sure that no UV rays are getting in the way. With this, you can perform your daily routines outdoor, while achieving a perfect tan in safest way possible.

There are more ingredients being added and currently, sun tanning regimens are being revolutionized with natural products in order to prevent possible side effects. You can find out more of these products upon asking your dermatologist or by talking with actual users.

Safe Sunless Stand Up Tanning Options

When it comes to sunless tanning here at Extreme Spray Tan we have a wide variety of safe stand up tanning options that provide people with all skin types a chance to get the best tan for them!

1. Level 1 Tahiti Spray Tanning

Tahiti spray tanning is our base level of spray tanning that is guaranteed to give you the perfect base tan without taking you from pale to exotic in one session!

2. Level 2 Bora Bora Spray Tanning (Double Dark)

Bora Bora spray tanning or Double Dark tanning is our second level of spray tanning and is perfect for tanners who already have a base tan and are looking for something a little darker.

3. Level 3 Fiji Spray Tanning

Fiji spray tanning is the third level of tanning here at Extreme Spray Tan and it is perfect for experienced tanners who are looking to top off their already dark bronze tan.

4. Competition Spray Tanning

Competition spray tanning is also available here at Extreme Spray Tan and is perfect for competitors of all types from dancers to body builders! This deep dark tan is applied by professionally trained tanning technicians to ensure that everything looks perfect for competition day!

5. Organic Spray Tanning

The organic spray tanning solution that is offered here at Extreme Spray Tan is just another part of our effort to go green and offer tanning solutions to those who are concerned about the ingredients that go on to their skin during the tanning process. This all organic solution is perfect for all skin types but particularly sensitive skin.

6. Shimmer Sexy Spray Tanning

Shimmer sexy spray tanning is a new option for tanning here at Extreme Spray Tan and offers a deep level two tanning experience while also giving you a shimmer that is sure to make you stand out from the crowd!

The Benefits of A Custom Spray Tan Versus A Spray Tanning Booth

Below you will find just a few of the reasons why it is always better to go with a custom spray tan rather than a spray tanning booth every single time!

1. Personal Attention

When you get a custom spray tan from a professionally trained and certified tanning technician you are guaranteed to get personal attention, you can tell the technician of any fears that you may have about tanning and ask any questions that may crop up while you are tanning. Just try talking to one and see what happens.

2. Every Detail Is Covered

From the inside of your thighs to the crescent shape that you always get under your buttocks on the tanning bed, not an inch of your skin is going to get overlooked by a professional tanning technician with an airbrush gun in her hand. Try telling the spray tanning booth that it’s missed a spot.

3. Customize Your Tan To Certain Areas!

When you have a professionally trained and certified technician applying your tan you have the opportunity to tell them of any areas that you feel could use a little extra color.

If you have a farmers tan from working outdoors just let your technician know that you want that farmer’s tan gone and they will customize your tan to take care of it for you! Ever tried talking to a tanning booth about your farmer’s tan? We’re guessing it won’t really care.

3. Get The Tan That You Want

When you have a trained tanning technician applying your tan you can pick and choose the color that you would like your tan to be and you can make sure that there is no over exposure to color, dripping or running. Having your own technician also means that you can always go a little darker if you aren’t happy with your color…again; want to try asking a tanning booth to go over an area “just one more time?” Final Custom Spray Tanning Thoughts

At the risk of sounding anti-technology we have to advocate custom spray tanning because in the end there really is no better way to get the perfect tan for you than when you have a trained professional applying it by hand.

How To Make Sure Your Spray Tan Doesn’t Turn You Orange Or Streaky

As more evidence surfaces about the dangers of sun exposure, more people are turning to safer alternatives to get the tan they want. Store-bought solutions like sprays and lotions can leave your skin looking streaky, orange, and far from the natural-looking tan they claim to give you.

There are other options that can give you the tan you want without being exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. One of the safest ways to get a natural looking tan is through Airbrush Tanning, also known as spray tanning. This is a quick way to get a natural glow with no harmful UV ray exposure.

If you’ve decided a spray tan is the solution to your pale skin, there are many tips that can help you get the results you want without that dreaded orange-look of other tanning solutions.

In general, airbrush tanning applied with a spray gun, rarely results in an orange or yellow tone to your skin, but it’s important to understand the ways to maximize your results.

There are certain products you’ll want to avoid that might cause your tan to fade more quickly or become discolored. One problem that might affect the results of your airbrush tan is your hormonal levels at the time of the service. The results are thought to be affected by ovulation or menstruation, and might cause streaky or patchy discoloration.

You should also limit or avoid any products that are used to treat acne, because it may exfoliate the skin and change the results of your tan. Hair inhibiting lotions might also make your tan change color or even look orange, streaky, or unnatural.

You should also prepare your skin before your spray tan session. It’s a good idea to exfoliate, and remove body hair before your appointment. By exfoliating, you’re preparing your skin to achieve the best results possible for your tan.

Getting natural looking results when it comes to a spray tan can be easy as long as you follow some simple tips. The fact is an airbrush tan is the best way to get a tan that not only looks natural, but also is the safest option. Avoiding the orange tint is as simple as knowing what products to avoid and doing what you can to maximize the results.

With so many harmful possibilities from being exposed to the sun, it’s no wonder so many people opt to use airbrush tanning as the way to look great without harmful exposure to the sun.